Hubby and I pick up

My husband, Mike, is bisexual.

It came up in conversation early in our relationship and I’m completely fine with it.  We are monogamous and neither of us have ever cheated on each other.

After five years of marriage we are great, sex life is great, we love having sex outdoors in particular and we have a long list of places that we’ve been ticking off.  Recently, we had been talking about having a threesome, with an extra guy.

I’m not bisexual at all, I love men and I’m not comfortable with seeing Mike with another girl.  So, I’m impressed that he has told me that he is one hundred percent fine watching me with another guy.  Assuming it is purely sexual and the guy is a random nobody that we will never see again.

Mike seemed a little concerned that I’d be freaked out seeing him do ‘gay things’ with a guy but to be honest, I’m pretty turned on by the idea of watching two guys get freaky with each other.  And, I have a strap on and use it on Mike probably once a month or so which counts as a ‘gay thing’ and I love it.

We didn’t know how or if we’d ever have a threesome with a guy but we had been thinking about it.

Last week, we are in Vegas (of course).  I had a work thing there and we were staying at the Pari Hotel.  We arrived on Monday afternoon, the weather was nice out so we decided to head to the pool.  I put on a black bikini, Mike put on his shorts but I stopped him…. I had a present for him.  A pair of speedos I had ordered from the Australian company Budgy Smuggler.

I don’t think Mike has ever worn a speedo, not that I had ever seen.

He didn’t like the idea but I can be convincing and I might have told him it would help us pick up a guy….

Mike put the speedo on, then put his shorts over the top.  He said we’d see.

The pool at Paris is gorgeous and there were a few people around but being a Monday it wasn’t too busy.  First stop was getting a drink at the bar then we looked for a spot to put down our towels and kit.  First guy I noticed there was sitting on the side of the pool, looked like a coffee mug in his hand and he was wearing a red speedo.

Mike was definitely not getting out of speedo’ing it up if someone else was.

He did try and keep the shorts on but… like I said, I can be convincing.  I might have told him my holes would be closed for business the rest of the trip if he didn’t speedo it up.

Reluctantly he did and I could see how uncomfortable he felt walking to the pool.  He couldn’t get in the water quick enough.  Mike is thirty four, has been doing some triathlons so works out a bunch and he looked fantastic.  I was quietly proud that my husband looks so good.

We get in the pool, with our drinks of course, not that far from the red speedo guy.  We looked over at him and he gave us a nod and raised his coffee mug in a ‘cheers’ motion.  Showing his appreciation for another speedo guy is how it came across.

The red speedo guy slipped into the water and came toward us.

“Nice work on the Budgy Smugglers mate.” He said with an Australian accent, of course the only other guy wearing a speedo had to be Australian.

Mike mumbled something about it being my idea but the Aussie (in red speedos) said that he and Mike were just ahead of the fashion curve.

The Aussie in the red speedo introduced himself as Dave.

He was a bit of a Chatty Cathy but in a good way and the three of us were chatting away.  I sat on the edge of the pool but the two guys were standing in waist deep water.

After a while he said “What are you guys drinking?  My shout.”  It couldn’t have sounded more like Crocodile Dundee if he tried and I don’t think he was putting it on at all.  His accent was soooo hot!!!  If I was a single girl I would have definitely taken him up to my room then and there.

We gave Dave our drink order and he jumped out of the pool and walked towards the bar.

Mike and I were both enjoying the view of his arse in those red speedos.  I elbowed Mike in the ribs and joked that he should be careful not to pitch a tent in his speedos.  We had a quick discussion and came to the conclusion that we should definitely ask Dave to join us for a threesome.  Neither of us have a gaydar (gay radar) so had no idea if he was gay/bi, he seemed pretty straight but he was wearing a red speedo.

When Dave walked back to the pool Mike and I had to try and not be too obvious perving at him.  I was really impressed with his confidence.  Wearing a red speedo and he owned it.  It seemed like it was no big deal.  Particularly compared to Mike and his twenty foot sprint to the pool when he dropped his shorts.

Three of us got back in to some fun chatting.  Dave had just spent a month in Colorado and my folks have a place near where he was so we had that to talk about.

Some drunk twenty year old girls came over and joined in the conversation for a bit… nobody mentioned the speedos which surprised me.

Our drinks were getting low…. I elbowed Mike in the ribs (I do that a lot) and told him “It’s your shout mate” with my pathetic attempt at an Aussie accent.  Mike didn’t want to walk all the way over to the bar and stand there just wearing his speedo, but he didn’t really have a choice.

He manned up, jumped out of the pool and did the ‘speedo walk of shame’ to the bar.

Mike did look like he had a little more confidence than before which was good to see.  While I was enjoying the view of my husbands arse, Dave directed my attention to the twenty year old girls who were enjoying the view of my husbands arse as well.

The came the statement of my life to date.  Dave said, “Don’t blame them, I’d tap that arse.”

Holiday Hookup

Last night I had the house to myself.  Kip (my server admin) and his sister (my new girlfriend) were down in Denver.  I’ll explain more about Kip and his crew in some future blog posts but they knew/assumed I’d be up to naughtiness.

I have a gorgeous townhouse in Breckenridge and a private hottub….. what do you think I’m going to do?

I turn on Grindr….. this is my profile photo.

You can’t see it?  It is because you aren’t a member.  I share a lot of things with you guys, if you really want the goodies, you need to be a member.  Click to join now and then you get to stop hearing me tell you that you’d see more.

Want the juicy details about last night…. ow yeah…. sorry gotta keep those goodies for members.

AussieBum FuckSpeedo Anal

Public Holiday Weekend

Bit of a zoo here in Colorado this weekend for ‘Presidents Day Holiday’ on Monday. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it when I booked my trip but it really wouldn’t have mattered.

Instead of joining the masses on the slopes, Kip and I enjoyed a little bit of a sleep in and are pounding…. the keyboards today working on a bunch of stuff.

Kip has some people coming for dinner tomorrow night and I’m going to cook up some Australian lamb (we bought from Costco) and that is about it.

One of my jobs today was to create some promotional galleries and this is something I was working on. Darn these girls are hot aren’t they? There is just something about the red head that is naughty….

Beautiful Colorado

Yes, I am a live!!!

And this is where I am…..

Breckenridge Colorado

Flights over went smoothly, although I figured it out and it was 36 hours from door to door.  I caught a shuttle up from Denver and beat a monster snow storm by just a few hours which was perfect timing.

I have lots of news about Kip and will share with you guys tomorrow.

We have been super busy working on a major update on  I’ve emailed all the current members with a secret login but if you didn’t receive this, drop me a line and I’ll sort it out.  Hopefully tonight Kip and I will be sitting in the hottub with the new running smoothly.

I had some members/fans send me through photos of Vail (which is about 40 minutes from here) and the crowds there on the weekend.  It was pretty busy here in Breckenridge and Kip and I were too busy working so waited until Monday to get out and hit the slopes.  Colorado snowboarding can be busy some times.

Assuming we get all the work on finished, Kip and I might go over to Vail tomorrow…. rich American speedo sugar Daddy hunting?  Don’t laugh, it worked last year in Aspen (click here to read about the Aspen Sugar Daddy).

Vail LinesVail Lift Lines