First Gay Experience

Last week, on Monday, a blog fan contacted me about how he would like to explore his gay side. I’m going to call him Tyler, and over the week we met for lunch and then on Friday we got together in our speedos. To top it off, Alex was there as well. We were all wearing black, lycra, speedo brand speedos.

I promised you guys that I would write it up and I have done so, albeit a few days later than I expected.

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Tylers First Gay Experience

See…. girls like speedos

OK, after last weeks breaking in of Tyler’s gayness I’ll try and return to more bisexual topics for you guys.  It was pretty hot on Friday and I’m sure there is going to be some more naughty times with Tyler and Alex.

I think this chick has a pretty easy choice to make – the guy in the speedo looks fantastic!!!
Speedo v BoardiesSLSCSLSC Couple

Threesome is on for today

Tyler’s first sexual experience is on for lunch time today.

Both guys agreed that they would just meet at my house and since they went to different high schools and were a year apart there shouldn’t be any problem.

My plan is for Alex to arrive a little before Tyler and for us to be in our speedos on my bed making out. I’ll leave the door unlocked (it is always unlocked, I can’t remember when I last locked it) so Tyler can let himself in, strip down to his speedos and then come and watch Alex and I in bed. Alex and I will try and not get things too hot until we know Tyler is there watching.

Hopefully it won’t take long for Tyler to join us.

Since Tyler has a pair of black lycra speedos, I’m thinking that all three of us will wear the same.  Three guys, wearing black lycra speedo brand speedos….. I am hard right now thinking about it.

I’ve got nothing else planned for the rest of the day so I’m going to write up what happens (assuming it goes well). Of course it will be up on so if you are a member keep an eye out, I’ll give updates on the members home page.

Outdoor ThreesomeThreesomeBlowjob 3some