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If you are one of the nice people who showed your support and joined my blog since I created the members area, you will be receiving in your inbox a user account for my main site SpeedoFetish.com

You should receive your email within the next few hours.

The membership stuff for the blog has been really up and down which has frustrated Kip and myself.  The main site stuff is something we’ve worked on for years so it is smooth and seamless but incorporating a members area in a blog like this hasn’t been as seamless.

So this little gift, as part of celebrating 3,000 blog posts, is a little sign of thank you to those members who at times put up with things not going as smoothly as I would like.

I suppose if anyone decided to join in the next day or two I’d give them a free membership as well just because I’m a softy…. or a hardy when it comes to my speedo fans.

Speaking of which, I found some more photos of the speedos I went surfing in.  The are an AussieBum Gloss which I don’t think is made anymore.

And here are the ones I wore……. getting cummed on.

Swimsuits from England

I had these photos left over from my trip in September to London….  I bet it isn’t swimsuit weather out there now.

English Flag SwimsuitEnglish One Piece SwimsuitUnion Jack SwimsuitUnion Jack One Piece Lycra Swimsuit

Is there any chance I could have her fuck one (or both) of the guys pictured below?

It is a bit of a fantasy of mine to have sex with a girl wearing matching swimsuits.  If it ever happens I would love to be allowed to film and share it with you guys.

Union Jack SpeedoEngland Speedo


Interesting conversation going on over at SpeedoForum.org regarding tattoo’s.  The overwhelming majority don’t seem to be a fan of tattoos.

Me personally, not a huge turn off but I’m not a fan either.

When I’ve discussed tattoos with friends of mine I like to mention that non-tattoo’d adult porn starts get paid more than tattoo’d porn stars.  Some friends of mine who own a swingers site were looking for a chick to be part of their site.  Was just on a six figure salary for a year.  They found this chick who was perfect for the position.  Then they found out she has a gun tattoo all the way down her torso.  She didn’t get the job because it wouldn’t fit with their site.

What are your thoughts?

Feel free to join the topic on the SpeedoForum.org, if you aren’t a member, it is free, just email me your username so I can activate your account.

Tattoo ManyTattoo'd Speedo GuySpeedo Tattoo

Sex at Sydney Airport

With all the travelling I have done, I am yet to join the Mile High Club…. Anyone here a member?

A member sent me this story through years ago and I stumbled across today going through some old stuff and thought I’d freshen it up a little and share it with you guys.  It got me hard and made me cum, I hope it has the same effort for you – hahaha.

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