Speedo Students 1st Cock

You guys know how much I love Hawaii Speedo Student.  He is just gorgeous, love his speedos and is just a cutie.

He is actually a member of the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.org) which is pretty cool.  I’ve spoken with him a few times personally, he seems super nice and these days he is focusing on his writing and non-speedo-porn related endeavors.

Apart from posting his own photos and short movies – here is a gallery of those – www.SwimmerBoyz.com/speedostudent.asp

However, Speedo Student only ever released one official movie.  When it came out I scrambled to buy the rights to be able to share it with my members which was really cool.  Kip and I have been working on updating some of the older movies in the archives to Streaming HD and right now I’m redoing all the Speedo Student movies.

This collection of movies are some of my all time favourites and probably once a month I will watch them and jerk off to them – the speedo action is really hot.

I thought I’d share with you the first scene, Speedo Students first official porn shoot…..

I’ll be posting a bunch more of these clips and I work through them over the next couple of days.

Hawaii Speedo StudentSpeedo Student

Speedo Give Away

I can’t believe how crazy busy this week has been.

I’ve been working with Kip on a project that he has been working on for a while and it has been a 60 or 70 hour week at least.  Kip’s project is pretty cool, I think you guys will like it and we might get it published later today.  Once it is online I’ll let you guys know all about it.

One thing I have been meaning to tell you guys, I have another speedo give away this month.  It is a pair of swimwear from Mensuas (check out their site www.Mensuas.com – you will have to copy/paste that address).

The story behind these guys is they emailed me asking if I’d mention their swimwear company on this blog.  They offered me some free speedos.  But, I thought it would be much better if I offered the speedos to you guys, my fans and members.  So that is what we do now, each month they give away at least one pair of speedos/swimwear to a member.  You guys know I love you right?  Hahaha.

This month, the lucky winner can choose from any of the following brands on their store.  Yes choose anything from any of these brands:

  • Cover Male
  • Good Devil
  • Intymen
  • Miami Jock
  • Agacio
  • Otzi
  • Daniel Alexander
  • Edipous
  • Mensuas
  • Skiviez
  • Kyle

OK, well I better get back to some testing for Kip’s project.  I might post again later today, I’ll probably decide the winner of the free speedos later today as well so if you’ve been thinking about joining, today might be the day.

I’ll leave you guys with some speedo eye candy….  Check it out, these four photos are each taken from different angles but they all look super hot!!!

Waterpolo SwimmerBlue Andrew Christian Swim BriefSix Pack ViewPool Speedo

…and now that I’ve just got an eye full of speedo eye candy I might have to see if Alex is around later today 😉 😉

Swapping Girlfriends

I was going through some site stats earlier today and noticed how popular the story of My First Threesome is.  It is really cool that you guys enjoy it, it was enjoyable to do and it is an experience that still gives me a boner thinking about it.

With that in mind, I found a new story that I think you guys might like.

Let me know what you think.

My first girlfriend swap when I was still in high school . My best friend and I always hung out together and went to parties together and he was a great wing-man when picking up girls.

One time we were both dating girls named Angie. This at the time was funny because there faces looked alike but there bodies where just the opposite of each other. My best friends girlfriend was short, really big tits and a nice round ass. He also told me that she had such big nipples and a very hairy pussy. Now my girlfriend on the other hand was taller, small tits and nipples. She had such a small and tight ass, but her pussy was shaved and so smooth.

He and I would always talk about this together and then we had the two meet each other, they instantly became friends, which was cool. All four of us were always hanging out together after this. One Saturday night we happen to be at my girlfriends house. She was having a party that night, so we all were hanging out and playing some drinking games. We were all getting wasted at the time. When the party was finally over she told us that her parents had a cool bed with mirrors over it, so u can see yourself when you were sleeping. We all went up to see this, it was cool we were all laying on the bed looking up at each other. Then I started to touch my Angie and he started to touch his Angie.

I was kissing my gf and he was kissing his girl. The girls were a little nervous but we settled them down real fast, plus we were all so drunk. Then I started to undress my girl and he was undressing his girl. Before we knew it we were all naked and rubbing all over. Then, I looked over to my friend and told him we should eat out our girlfriends at the same time, he said sounds cool. So I went down on mine and he went down on his .

The girls where laying side by side with their legs up as we were licking their wet pussies. They were laughing at first then they started to get into it. Started to moan together. It was so fucking hot. Then I looked over and said to my friend you were right your Angie does have a hairy pussy. Then he looked over and said that I was right and that my girlfriend pussy was shaved.

I’m not sure who said it first but we just said hey,do u want to try mine and I will try yours. Of course we said yes.

The girls said what? We said we want to switch and try the others sweet pussy. They hesitated at first, but they were both horny and we easily convinced them into letting us switch. Then I moved over to lick his gf and he moved over to lick my gf. We began to eat fast and hard. We looked at each other and said this was cool and asked if the girls liked it, they moaned, yesss.

Then I looked at my gf and I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock, she said yes. I then laid on my back and then my friend soon followed. They got between our legs as my gf sucked me and his gf sucked him. Then they asked us since we switch could they switch sucking us.

We said sure why not. So they switch as his gf was sucking my cock and then my gf was sucking his cock. This was so hot as we could look up and see them sucking us.

After a few minutes, I told my gf I wanted to fuck her. She said she wanted me to. So I told her to get doggie as I began to fuck her hard then my friend got his gf and was fucking her doggie. We were side by side, high-five’ing each other, this was so great.

Then I looked at him and said u want to switch again, he said why not. We switch as I was fingering his gf and he was fucking my gf. We were again high-five’ing each other, after a few minutes we switched back again. I was fucking my gf so hard and he was fucking his harder now. We were both in rhythm together as we were fucking our girlfriends. This was so cool. Then I pulled my cock out and came all over my girl’s ass as he then did the same on his girlfriend. We then laid down by our girlfriends as we all talked and smiled each other and talked about how fun this was.

Two Couples Having Sex

Alex’s New Red Speedos

For the first time since I’ve known him, Alex speedo’d it up on the beach yesterday.

It was only when I was writing the blog post on the train that I realised that I had never seen Alex in his speedos on the beach, in public.  Even when we strip out of wetsuits after surfing to use the outdoor shower, I can’t remember seeing Alex strut around just wearing his speedos.  At the pool he wears his speedos but that is in the majority, most of the guys at the pool wear speedos.

I mentioned to you guys yesterday that Alex was picking me up from the train station and he had texted me that he was horny and keen to show me his new red ‘Speedo Brand’ speedos.

When I got to Gosford train station Alex was there waiting, it was early afternoon and it was a perfect Aussie winters day, blue skies and warm in the sun.  Alex has met Kip and Alex follows this blog so he knew exactly what I was getting up to.  We just talked about my trip on the way back to my place.

I knew Alex was horny and wanted to fuck bad but I felt kinda gross from the travel, as well as being pretty exhausted, so I told Alex that I was going to jump in the ocean and then I would let him fuck me as hard as he wants.  Yes, that is exactly how I worded it too.  For a second Alex looked a little bit concerned, he was wearing his work clothes which consisted of suit trousers, dress shirt, a tie he had removed and a jacket he had left in the car.  Alex didn’t have his dork shorts or his wetsuit, he would have no choice but to speedo it up.

You guys know I’m a bit of a schemer so I ignored Alex’s look of discomfort and headed into my room to change out of my jeans and black button up shirt (like David Duchovny in Californication).

David Duchovny

As it turns out, David Duchovny might well be a speedo fan……

David Duchovny Walking in SpeedosDavid Duchovny Triathlon SpeedosDavid Duchovny in SpeedosSpeedo David DuchovnySpeedo Bum - David Duchovny

That was a random tangent, but always great to see a celebrity in speedos.

Where was I?  Ow yes, I went into my bedroom to get out of my David Duchovny outfit.  I just kind of left Alex in my living room, I went in and changed into a pair of classic black Speedo Brand speedos that I didn’t take to Lake Powell.

Black Lycra Speedo GuyBlack SpeedosBlack Speedo

I did think about unpacking my red Arena speedo but I was a little afraid Alex would find that too ‘gay’ if we were wearing matching speedos and put him off speedo’ing it up in public.

Walking out into my tiny living area, Alex was still in his work clothes.  Me on the other hand, was wearing these tiny black lycra speedos and nothing else but my confidence.

C’mon mate, lets go.  It’s a Wednesday, there is nobody on the beach.

Alex started to strip down to his speedos.

All the time and treasure that Kip and spend has to be paid for somehow.  It is the awesome members of the blog and of my site SwimmerBoyz.com that allow me to keep sharing my experiences with you.

If you’d like to hear what happened next….. you can join SwimmerBoyz.com or you can become a blog member (click here to join).

I really appreciate the support of my members, which means I have to give them the goodies.

PS – Blog membership is $5 a month.  That is going to be increasing soon due to the volume of movies available to blog members.  Anyone who is already a member is grandfathered in at $5….