Surfing in Speedos

The weather continues to be fantastic and I’m up early for a surf with the boys…. not sure if Kip will make it this morning after a bit of a late one at the pub last night.

I thought I’d post some pics for you guys – I love these groups of guys wearing different speedos.  That look fantastic!!!

I think I will wear my new Turbo speedos under my wetsuit this morning for a change.  I wish I could just go for a surf wearing only speedos but that wouldn’t quite be socially acceptable.  Shame.

Team Mates wearing SpeedosBoys wearing Turbo SwimwearWaterpolo Team

Bisexual Movies

You guys know that I like guys and girls….. mostly at the same time.  It was a threesome that I had with a couple that caused me to start this blog.

On my site, I have an archive of bisexual movies, 19 hours of movies, which are mostly just movies that I personally enjoy and wanted to share with members.  Today I added 3 new movies which I have personally been enjoying over the last 6 months.  The first one is this couple fucking by an outdoor pool when they are joined by a guy.  The smile that the girl gives when she realises what is happening is just gorgeous.

The other 2 movies are of a guy in black speedos fucking two girls who are wearing one piece swimsuits.  I love these movies because they keep their speedos/swimsuits on through the entire movie and the guy, who has an enormous cock, cums on the girls swimsuits.

I know this isn’t a turn on for many of you guys but I am constantly surprised by comments and emails I get from str8, married and bisexual guys who enjoy my sites.

Below is a screen shot from the members area of  If you’d like to watch these movies, you can join as a trial for just $4.95 and you can watch all the movies unrestricted.

Bisexual Movies


I’m honestly not a huge fan of tattoos.  It hasn’t, and wouldn’t stop me from fucking or dating someone, all things the same, I’d prefer no tattoos.

I don’t have any tattoos and I have no intention right now to get any.

Funny thing is, in porn, models without tattoos are paid more…. which to me says that people prefer no tattoos.  If people liked tattoos – then porn actors and actresses would be paid more to have them.

Check out these girls in their bikinis below…. they are gorgeous and have smashing bodies and then… someone graffitied all over them.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole tattoo thing so leave a comment.

I’ve posted some pics of guys with tattoos over on my speedo blog –

G-String TattoosHorrible Tattoos

WTF Happened to Lara Bingle?

I’m guessing most non-Australian readers of this blog don’t know who Lara Bingle is.

She was in an Australian Tourism TV commercial years back and she was perfect!!!  Blonde, Aussie beach babe, Aussie accent, cute, girl next door kind of look.  It was lovely.

Here is the commerical – sorry for the bad quality, it was a while ago.

While I was travelling and not in Australia she made a complete fool of herself.  She was engage (maybe married) to the Captain of the Australian Cricket Team – I think he disgraced himself and that time honored position by being within a boundary of her.

Anyway, this morning Kip and I were sitting down in town having a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast, I was reading the paper and saw a picture of ol’ Lara Bingle.  Holy shit!!!  What the fuck happened?

She is shacked up with some movie star fella and she has gone from cute Aussie girl next door……

Lara Bingle Looking Cute

To some plastic surgery freak.

Lara Bingle

I’m not really a tit man but more plastic surgery.

Lara Bingle Topless