Blue Speedo Selfies

I receive a bunch of emails every day, some from members just chatting, introducing themselves or asking me questions (I reply to those first).

Sometimes there is some hate mail from religious people or anti-gay folks although it is only a fraction of what it was when I started this blog (I don’t bother to reply to these).

There is lots of general fan email which I’d love to reply to but I prefer to spend time replying to my members which I’m sure you can understand since it is them that helps keep this all running.

In all of these emails I do get people sending me their speedo selfies.  With permission, I keep these and today I noticed that I have over 100 speedo selfies from real guys who have read this blog or are members at my main site  I keep these as galleries for members… here is part of the collection of blue speedo selfies.

If you aren’t a member you should join and you can see all 101 speedo selfies (yes, some are of me).

Blue Speedo Selfies


I’ve watched a bunch of movies of this gorgeous adult model who goes by the name ‘Chloe’.

This week I’ve been working on a collection of Chloe’s movies and photo shoots over at (click here to check it out).  I love seeing this chick in different swimsuits, Wicked Weasel’s, one pieces and bikinis.  She is amazing and here are just some of the photos of Chloe that I personally love.

Swimsuit Model Chloe

Nice Speedo

I know most people hate Monday’s but I kind of like them…. everyone else goes back to work so the beach is quieter.  I can go to the pool and get some laps in without the chaos of families being there and I can knuckle down and do some work (which I actually love).

Hopefully I’ll have some naughty adventures to report this week as well.

But in the mean time, check out this speedo cutie.  He is gorgeous and I also love the colour of his speedo.  Not quite red but not quite purple either.

Great Speedo Colour

Strap On

Years ago I knew a girl who loved fucking me with a strap on.  We never had a threesome with an extra guy but she loved the fact that I would let her fuck me.

It came up in conversation one night after a few drinks and we were talking about our fantasies and she mentioned it.  Staight up I told her I’d be OK with that and she was shocked – happy shocked, not sad shocked.

The next day I ordered her a strap on and a week later she was pounding my arse and loving it!!!

What was the point of this post?  Ow yeah, I was talking to her on facebook yesterday and she mentioned that she got to use her strap on again.  After months of asking she finally got her new boyfriend to let her fuck him.  She took it really slow with him and although it doesn’t sound like he is a huge fan of being fucked just yet, it is good to hear of a str8 guy being OK with it.

If you’d like to see some pics of guys getting fucked with a strap on (pegging), swing over to my blog

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Girls Fucked with Strap On

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