I know I’ve been posting a bunch of pics of surf club guys but I think you can sympathize with me since I’ve been hanging out with 2 clubbies from the Southern NSW Coast.

You guys don’t really mind do?

These are the pics that I haven’t been able to post and I promise these will be the last pics of surf club guys for a little while.

Surf Club GuyRed Speedo Life GuardPaddle Boarding in a SpeedoLIfeguards in Red Speedos

Wicked Weasel Submission

I receive a whole bunch of emails from different guys on a whole range of different topics.  I don’t always have time to reply to them all but I love it.  I’m told Warren Buffet spends hours each day replying to fan mail and I’m not like that but it is nice.

An email I received last week was from a guy ‘Pat’ who send me some pics of him and his new girlfriend.  Pat is 100% straight but loves speedos and his girlfriend loves Wicked Weasel bikinis so he send me some selfies of them fucking – Pat is wearing a red Arena speedo which looks pretty hot.

The pics are kind of blurry but Pat promises to send some better quality pics soon – I can’t wait!!!

Wicked Weasel SexSex in a Wicked Weasel Bikini

800th Speedo Photo of the Day

With all the fun stuff that has been going on lately, I completely forgot the milestone of the 800th Speedo Photo of the Day.

The Speedo Photo of the Day is a free part of my site  A few years ago when I did a complete redesign of the site I wanted something that was updated often and showcased some of the best speedo photos or just my favourite speedo photos.

If you haven’t been there, go and check it out.  It is 100% free, no popups or any of that crap and you can see all 800 Speedo Photos of the Day which area hand picked by me.

Speedo Photo of the Day