Girls Prefer Two Guy Threesomes

I was hanging out with an old fuck buddy a few weeks ago, really cool chick.  It was with some of her girlfriends and somehow threesomes came up in conversation.

Three of the girls at the table said that had previous threesome experience all with two girls and one guy. They said they did it for their guy and none of them had wonderful experiences. My old fuck buddy was blushing a little bit and kept looking at me, they were her friends so I wasn’t going to spill any beans.

Eventually, my fuck buddy said that he only threesome experience had been with two guys (me being one of them but she didn’t tell the group that). She said she was an amazing experience, would do it again and recommended it to the other ladies.

If you haven’t, you should read about my first threesome experience which was me joining a couple – click here to read it.

What does the colour of a speedo mean?

What do you guys think the colour of a speedo means?

For me;

  • Black speedos are a dime a dozen, everyone has a pair of them even if they don’t like speedos.
  • Red is for guys who like to show off when wearing speedos and want some attention.
  • White speedos are for guys who are just naughty, white is see through most of the time of course.
  • Blue is a little more confusing. When I wear navy speedos I’m trying to keep my speedo fetish discrete.  Which could mean that guys who wear blue speedos are really naughty…….

Cute Blonde in Lycra

I’m back at the pool here in Aussie and it is colder than the pool in London – who would have ever thought I’d be saying that!!!

There were some pretty hot chicks at the pool in London, particularly when I went for a swim early in the morning but I think that overall, Aussie chicks are hotter.  Anyone care to disagree?

Today at the pool just as I had gotten out of the water and was walking to my towel (I was only wearing a black lycra speedo) this blonde chick comes down.  We exchanged pleasantries (she got a good look at me in my speedo).  She asked if I was finished with my lane.

I took my time drying off (at the pool I usually just throw my jeans or shorts over my drying speedos) and she stripped down to a black one piece lycra swimsuit like the one on the chick pictured below (but speedo brand as opposed to ASICS).  I wanted to tell her that we have matching swimsuits but firstly I don’t have that kind of courage and secondly, she was already slipping into the water.

Now that I’m at home, I thought I’d find this photo shoot, slip off my jeans down to my speedos and jerk off thinking about the things we could do in our matching speedos.