Guys Strap On Experience

I’ve only ever had one girl who fucked me with a strap on.  It was years ago before I started this bisexual blog.  I can’t even remember how it came up in conversation, probably over a few too many drinks.

She fucked me maybe half a dozen times and I love it!!!!

Years back (it was 2011, I looked it up) I was talking to her online and she told me that she had finally gotten to use the strap on again with her latest boyfriend.  I thought it was pretty hot just thinking about her fucking another guy.

Today I was just surfing around some of the blog I read and I saw this comment posted on a strap on post.

My girlfriend blindfolded me and tied me to a chair (it was a bar stool type chair) in a bent over position, and pegged me with a strap on and it was toataly mind blowing and out of this world!! She used toys and her fingers to work her magic and make me moan and pre cum as she explored my prostate. I usually tie her up and dom her, It was such a turn on being dominated by her. She went quiet for a minute then I felt her hand on my hip and a toy rubbing my helpless but willing hole. “Do u want this?” She asked so sexily, I didn’t realise it was her strap on. I was afraid her strap on would not be fun, and it would hurt like fuck. But with in seconds I feel her working in and out of me deeper every gentle push. I moaned a painfulish but plesurable sound as she worked her cock in me. My head was racing thoughts like “no no I can’t enjoy this” but then I heard her whisper “just breath baby and relax, go with it baby” and it took a few breaths but when I finally toatally relaxed I loved it. She untied me and removed the blindfold and layed me down smiling as she looked me in the eye as she made me take her cock and enjoy it. It was so taboo but so hot, she fucked me till I had an anal orgasam! My whole body was tingly and numb and it was so Intence i was completely blown away.

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Speedo Photo Shoot

Brenton is a mate of mine in Sydney who helped me out with blogging when I first started, I think Brenton started his blog before I started (which was nearly 10 years ago).  Brenton is a wonderful photographer and he knows some really hot guys who look fantastic in their speedos.

Below is a photo shoot that Brenton took recently which I thought I’d share with you guys.

The first photo shoot I published here was one that Brenton had with one of the Sydney waterpolo teams – holy cow these were hot photos.  Click here to check out the Sydney Waterpolo team in their speedos.

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