Just what I needed

It was great to read your comments yesterday guys.  I loved K1’s story about jerking off in the car he was that horny.

The guy that I had found on Grindr piked on me but Tim read my blog post and dropped me a text.  Tim was there when Alex had his first threesome and first fuck but Tim has been travelling and been out of town so I didn’t even think of him.

It was great, Tim couldn’t come over until after work and I was incredibly horny ALL DAY LONG but I managed to hold off.

So Tim arrived a bit after 5 and I was wearing nothing but a speedo.  Tim said he would have a quick shower and that I better be ready when he got out.

When Tim came out of the shower I was in the kitchen, now 100% hard in a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos.  Tim called out from my bedroom and I walked in and saw him on all fours telling me to fuck away!!!  I grabbed a condom and squirted some lube down his crack and without wasting a second I slipped my cock all the way inside him.

2 more strokes and I was done!!!

Hahahaha, I told you I was horny.

Speedo Anal Sex

Nude Beach Date?

I just got a Facebook message from Alex’s girlfriend asking me what my next move is with the preschool teacher.  My reply was….

I was going to ask you?

What if I take her up to Birdie Beach (nude beach) for a picnic?

I was being facetious but wouldn’t that be a great way to break the ice….. and to figure out if we are sexually compatible.Nude Beach Couple

Bikini Butts

I post a bunch of photos of guys butts in speedos so today I thought I’d post some pics of girls butts in bikinis.

My Sunday BBQ went great, lots of skin since it was so hot. The preschool teacher was lovely and looked fantastic in a black Roxy bikini.  I think she likes me.  Some of the boys were the last to leave late in the night and the preschool teacher left earlier.

Now I have to figure out what to do next.  Send flowers to her school?  Ask her out to the movies?  Cook her dinner one night?

I’ll have a think about it and let you guys know.

If you want some guys butts in speedos – click here.

Bikini ButtsGirls Bikini ButtsGirls Butts in Bikinis

Sunday BBQ

My lunch with the preschool teacher earlier this week went well and as per my plans I am hosting a BBQ on Sunday arvo and she is coming.

Sounds like Alex’s girlfriend, who knows the preschool teacher, is more excited about this girl and I getting together than either of us are.  I just think it is sooooo funny that Alex and I have been fucking for nearly 6 months now and his girlfriend is putting in a good word for me with chicks.

Sunday’s temperature is supposed to break 40C (105F) so hanging out at my place on the beach will be a perfect way to spend the day.

A little more about the preschool teacher, she is pretty small (not tiny) but little.  But, she is 18 months older than I am.  She is born and bred on the coast here and she does ski and had a winter in lake Tahoe as a kids ski instructor.  She is ticking a lot of boxes here.

Any bets on what type of swimsuit she’ll be wearing on Sunday?

Amateur BikiniBikini GirlAmateur G-String Bikini