Hours of new speedo movies

Kip has just 2 weeks left here in Aussie, it is a bummer as I love having him here just as much as I loved spending time at his place in Colorado.

In the mean time we have a bunch of work to get finished up before he leaves and one of my chores this week is to format, upload and present over 3 hours of new speedo movies.  This morning I uploaded the first 2 scenes and they are really hot.  The first scene is 3 guys, one in black lycra speedos and the other two wearing jammers.

Below is a screen shot of the members area with all the new movies I’ve added just since Kip got here to Aussie.

I know you can watch free movie on tube sites and such but I can tell you that watching HD movies on a real site is worth the $5 to join.  No pop-ups, no viruses, no banners, full length movies, beautiful quality movies and I’ve watched them all so if you like my taste…. hahaha.

Drop on by and give it a try, if you have any questions drop me an email – DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com

Speedo Movies from SwimmerBoyz.com


Black Speedo Simply Perfect

Today I went for a swim with Alex.  I’ve been a little slack lately but the weather has been great and with Kip here we’ve been doing some adventures on the beach instead.  We swam 2.5kms which was good but I really noticed having a few weeks off.  My arms are dead.

Both of us were wearing black speedos today, Alex a pair of black AussieBum classic and me a pair of black Arena speedos.  Yeah we looked pretty hot.

There are lots of pics of guys wearing black speedos out there and I thought I’d find some of my favourite pics for you guys.

Black Arena SpeedoBlack SpeedoBlack AussieBumBlack Speedo on Cute Guy

Girl who likes guys in speedos

You guys know I use Grindr and it has been very good at letting me meet guys, more so than any website I’ve ever used.

A while back someone told me about Tinder, it is a thing for guys and girls to hook up and the idea is supposed to be casual sex.  However, I’m not sure it really works.  I know a bunch of people who play with it but I haven’t heard of anyone meeting, let alone hooking up with Tinder.  If you have, please leave me a comment and I’ll take it more seriously than I do right now.

Anyway, what gave me the idea for this blog post is I saw a girl on it the other day and there is a pic of her with two guys in speedos.  She is wearing a bikini and there is another girl wearing a bikini in the photo.

I’d love to post it here but I don’t think I should.

It is a pretty hot picture, she looks good in her bikini and the two guys look really hot in their speedos.

I wonder if I should contact her and say something about “Do you like all your men in speedos?”  Maybe if I have a few drinks later tonight I will – hehehe.

Couple on the Beach in Bikini and Speedo