Kip’s Sisters Wicked Weasel

Well Sunday definitely turned into a FUNDAY with Kip’s sister.

Turns out that Kip’s sister has recently read the story of my first threesome (click here or follow the link at the top of the page).  She loved it so much she wanted to repeat the experience…. but in a hottub instead of a sauna.

I’m going to have to spend some time and sit down and write this up.  It was amazing!!!

I wore an AussieBum Portsea speedo and Kip’s sister wore the new 456 Wicked Weasel that arrived last week.  The other guy wore my red Arena speedos…..

Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll get this written up in a few days.  Here are some pics of that Wicked Weasel.

Wicked Weasel Bikini


Bikini and Speedo

Sexual Tension

For the next 5 days Kip is out of town and I have his house all to myself.

Well….. maybe not all to myself.  As I’ve mentioned recently, Kip’s sister is single (first time I’ve been here and she has been single).

There has been a bit of sexual tension between the two of us since I’ve been here but nothing has developed thus far.  Kip’s sister knows I’m bisexual and knows that Kip and I are fuck buddies.  She loves speedos and loves me wearing.

With some prompting from you guys, I ordered a Wicked Weasel for Kip’s sister which I have here (it is my favourite, a 456 model).  I think she is coming over here later this afternoon for a BBQ dinner and a hottub.  Fingers crossed for some str8 action – it has been a while since I had any pussy.

And here are some pics of my favourite threesome position/combination – I think I started writing this post with these pics because Kip’s sister and I were talking about our threesome history the other night which was pretty hot.

Favorite Threesome PositionFavourite Threesome Position