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My email address is – DaveSpeedoEvans at hotmail.com – drop me a line if you are keen to trade links.

Why not start off with the raw facts – taken from my old Gaydar Profile (I still use it when I’m in Australia – it is popular down there).

Profession – Webmaster
Age – 25yo
Height – 6″2′
Body Type – Average
Ethnic Origins – Aussie Mate
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Brown
Scene – Casual
Out – No
Body Hair – Shaved Down Stairs
Orientation – Bisexual
Role – Depends on my mood
Safe Sex – Always
Smoke – No
Drink – Yes

I’m sure I’ll add more to that boring ‘about me’ segment as more boring facts come to hand.

Now for the real me.  I have been writing the blog AussieSpeedoGuy.com since May 2005.  I started writing it because of an MMF bisexual threesome that I had which I wanted to share with someone but I didn’t really have any mates to share it with – so I shared it with the world.  Since then that blog is focused on speedos and more gay issues and when I post about my bisexuality it isn’t quite up all the readers alley….

So I have created BisexualDave.com as a place of more discussion and sharing of ideas about bisexuality.  Don’t worry not just boring stuff – hopefully I’ll have many MMF, MMMF, MM or MFMF bisexual experiences (or any other bisexual combination) to share with you.

A lot of bisexual guys that I speak to have had a hard time about their bisexuality.  Fortunately, to date, I haven’t had such prejudice.  I think perhaps because I’m not married, I’m not commited and I’m not living in the same place as I grew up surrounded by family and friends who may judge or may support me.  I am also pretty discrete – even when I had girlfriends growing up I thought it was fun to keep people in the dark and let them find out on their own – perhaps it was just training for what I enjoy now.

So I’m not str8 and I’m not gay – so I thought I’d try and list the pros and cons (for me) of both.

If I were Str8 – Pros

  • I like sex with women.
  • I would like to get married one day and have kids.
  • I would loose none of my friends who are stuck in the dark ages.
  • It is socially acceptable.

If I were Str8 – Cons

  • Finding casual sex parters is difficult (definitely not impossible)
  • Chicks seem more ‘clingy’ (in general) and I don’t want to settle down just yet.

If I were Gay – Pros

  • I like sex with men.
  • Finding casual sex partners is easy.

If I were Gay – Cons

  • I really don’t like the whole Queen thing.
  • I’m not ‘proud’ enuf to tell the entire world that I’m gay.

Hmmm – when I first started writing that I thought it would be more.  Ow well I’ll add to it later.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Dave
    I’ve just come onto your website for the first time and am quite surprised to see that you are very much like me, especially with the pros & cons list on your about me page (was like it was my own list!!)
    Anyway man I’ve just had a look through the site and will definitely add it to my ‘must visit’ list, keep up the top work!

  2. bi now, gay later…

    at least thats how i was described early on.. and i guess im fine that i have settled for men, mainly due to being with the same guy for 3 years now… but i hate the limitations as i still look at MMF porn..

    lets link up with each other..

  3. Hey Dave,

    Is it really your body because it looks so good!!!
    I was a fan of aussiespeedoguy.com for 2 years and just came across your new site.
    I’m bi and couldn’t agree more with you and Callum regarding your pros & cons list.

    I did springboard diving for 15 years and then coaching for 10 more years so I know about speedos… The one you’re wearing in the 1st picis really nice…

    lets chat sometimes…

  4. over at Aiming Low, I’m writing that I wish I had balls. So I could shake them like the two guys of LMFAO. I love the idea that these guys are not sexy at

  5. I like your thoughts, I have known I’m bi most of my life. Currently Married 35+ years to a lovely lady. That however does not stop my attraction to guys as well as girls. I do not see myself as heading toward either stright or gay, I am very comfortable being bi. If something were to happen to the love of my life and she were not longer around, I’m not sure which gender would be my next interest. I feel that feelings/emotions are more important than body parts.

  6. I really enjoyed your story about ytour first mmf experiende. Would really enjoy reading more like that.

  7. Hi,
    I would be interested in buying some contextual links on bisexualdave.com

    Looking forward to your feedback,

  8. Hey Dave! I love beautiful sexy women and my wife is just that but i have a crazy need and craving for cock the last gew years. I am a rugged outdoorsman and a construction worker(master carpenter). My wife likes to use the strap-on with her 10 inch on me and i love it! I have sucked one cock but it was tiny. Any pointers on finding bi men?

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....