I’m the Birthday Present!!!

Over the weekend I received the following email:


My fiance, Taz, is a huge fan of yours and after he introduced me to your blog and other websites I’ve become a fan as well.

We both vicariously enjoy your sexual adventures and are long time members.

Your trip to Vegas with Penny and Pat was amazingly hot and sounded like a hot experience for all involved.  It is something we would love to be a part of which is why I’m writing this to you.

For my birthday earlier this year, Taz arranged for a girl to join us, more particularly for a girl to join me which was a first for me and very enjoyable.

Taz’s birthday is coming up in two weeks time and I was hoping to get him something just as special… I’d like to give him you for a night.

Let me tell you a little about ourselves…. (I’ve edited this out for the time being for privacy reasons).

We’ll be in Brisbane at the end of the month.  Please reply if you are interested, or if you aren’t interested I completely understand.


The threesome that Rachel referred to was one I had in Vegas just over 12 months ago with some long time fans (click here to read about that threesome).

Rachel didn’t want me to disclose all off their personal details but the run down is that Taz is open minded (not really bisexual) but has never been with a guy although would like to one day.  He loves speedos which is how he found my sites.

Rachel also sent through some photos which she said I could publish here, Taz does look pretty darn hot in speedos doesn’t he?!?!?!

I replied to Rachel, and it looks like I’m going to be in Brisbane at the end of September – hehehe.  I’ll keep you guys posted!!!