Which threesome is more common?

Lately my threesome experiences have all been with 3 guys.  I really hope that one day in the not too distance future, I’ll get to partake in a threesome with Alex and his girlfriend.

It got me thinking, what is the most common threesome?

Three guys?

Three Guy Threesome

Two guys and a girl?

Two Guys Threesome

Two girls and a guy?

Two Girl Threesome

Three girls?

Three Girl Threesome

The most common threesome I’ve had would have to be three guys.  After that, I’ve had 8 threesomes with two guys and a girl and so far I haven’t had a threesome with two girls although it is on my sexual bucket list.

I wonder which threesome is more common, would be a really though thing to study since I’m sure that it might even be different in different countries when guys being gay/bi is more accepted.

Brad Pitt in Speedos

I’ve seen pics of this gorgeous model before and I stumbled across these two which I thought I’d share with you guys.

Does anyone else think he looks like a young Brad Pitt?

I with we could see his entire body in the second pic with those red speedos being removed.

Cute Speedo Model in Red SpeedosBrad Pitt in Red Speedo

Oral Friendly

I don’t know about you guys (and girls) but I love giving oral.  I love eating pussy and I love sucking cock.  If I have a bit of a dry spell, I actually start to crave it.

This morning Kip got himself a nice breakfast blowjob from me – again just because I was craving it AND it gives me one hell of a hard on when I do it.

I’ve never had a two girl threesome but it is something that I really hope to tick off my sexual bucket list one day.  I think two girls making out is amazingly hot, two girls eating each other out….. I think my brain would just melt.  Hahaha

Lezzi Pussy EaterLesbian Oral SexLesbian Oral

Seeking Asian Applicants

Somehow it came up in conversation that Kip hasn’t got his ‘Asian Wings’ (that is – he has never had sex with an asian guy).

I admit it took me a while to get my ‘asian wings’ but I loved it and it was awesome.

So, with this in mind.  Kip and I are taking applications for guys who want to get Kip his ‘asian wings’.  Only requirements, asian (of course), love speedos, vers or bottom and OK with being fucked by both Kip and myself.

We can host.

Asics Swimwear ErectionSpeedo Tan LinesTight Black Speedos