Gay Roommate

When I hang out with Kip in Colorado, or when he is here in Aussie like he was last summer, it is amazing having sex on tap like that.  We really do fuck each other constantly which is fantastic!!!

Don’t worry, I have some dry spells too so I have to take it (and give it) when I can get it.

This here is a new movie from my site which I thought you guys might like to see a sample of.  The movie is about a guy who wakes up horny, starts jerking off but then has a better idea….. he puts on his speedos, goes out to the kitchen, and fucks his housemate.

Housemate in Speedos

Alex’s First Blowjob (giving)

As promised, here is what I wrote about Alex’s first ever blowjob.

I can say that he has gotten better since, but the first time was pretty amazing – gotta love breaking in those str8 boys!!!

Alex was still sitting down on the other side of the breakfast bar so I couldn’t see if his cock was rock hard but he couldn’t definitely see mine and there was no doubt that I was excited about where this conversation was going. I suggested to Alex that we start at the top of his list and get him sucking some cock. Alex said it sounded like a good idea and stood up from behind the breakfast bar and it became aparent that he was just as excited as I was.

“Sit on the couch Dave and let me suck my first cock.”

“Do you like honey Alex?”

“Yeah why?”

This is a little technique I’ve used with guys and girls who aren’t as enthusiastic about sucking cock as I am….. I went to the cupboard, grabbed the honey and turned to face Alex. I pulled the front of my ADIDAS speedo out and poured honey down the front of my speedo.

Then I moved towards the couch………

Gay Blowjob

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I really appreciate your support.

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The wife likes speedos

Here is another experience from one of the members.  It is surprising just how many str8/married guys are on the forum which is fantastic.

This entry was written by a couple who have been on the forum for a couple of years now and I love reading their posts and seeing their amateur photos.

My wife got used to my speedo wearing long before we were married. Early on in our relationship we were both working on a boat down in Miami and had some time off coming. We decided to book a cruise and there was a speedo authentic fitness store (remember those?) just a short walk from the marina so I went down there one day and got a black speedo solar as a surprise. I have been a swimmer since I was very young, so wearing speedos was not new to me, but I didn’t have any with me on the boat and my girlfriend was not aware that I liked them. I thought it might make a nice surprise. This is a true story.

When we unpacked our bags on the cruise ship, she noticed the suit in my things and was surprised. She said “Is that a speedo?!” To which I replied, “Yeah, you don’t like it?” She said she wasn’t sure, so I was a bit bummed. I had had girlfriends respond more positively in the past (a story for another post).

We went to the pool the next morning but I didn’t wear the speedo, just my shorts. When we settled into some chairs and sat down, she looked at me and asked, “You didn’t wear your new bathing suit?” I said that I didn’t wear it because she indicated she might not like it. “I’m not going to know if I don’t see you in it. Go put it on,” she said.

This was a surprise, so I went back to the room and put it on, and pulled my shorts up over. I was more than a little excited at this point. When I got back to the pool, she looked up and told me to pull the shorts down so she could see.

Whenever I go on vacation or to the beach for the first time in a season, there’s always a lot of self-consciousness to get over when stripping down that first time. The pool deck was crowded, I was still excited. When the girlfriend is telling you to pull your shorts off, though, you pull your shorts off. After I took them off I went to sit down and she said, “What are you doing? Turn around a so I can see.” The lady next to us winked at me. Finally, my girlfriend said, “Ok, I like these. You can sit down.”

The whole thing was exhilarating. I didn’t wear another suit for the rest of our time working down in Miami and the collection has only gotten larger.

When I proposed to her, we were in Curacao, in the hotel pool in the evening and I was wearing an aussiebum 1.5 loose and she was wearing a wicked weasel sheer bikini. I’m glad she said yes.

Proposing in a speedo when the bride to be in in a Wicked Weasel sounds awesome!!!!

Married in Speedos