Anal Training

My sex toy collection in slowly growing and this week I got a new addition in 3 butt plugs.

I bought these as a training tool for Alex.  Alex is keen to be able to take a nice fat cock in his arse.  He loves having his arse played with by his girlfriend and me and I have put the head of my cock inside him but nothing more thus far.

If you’d like to read in detail about me putting the head of my cock inside Alex you’ll have to join my site – a little gem that I’ve kept just for members at this stage.

This afternoon Alex is finishing work early and going to come over for a quickie and I’m going to introduce him to these butt plugs.  I tested them last night and the smaller 2 were pretty easy but the big one was even a little difficult for me although as I got close to orgasm I managed to take the entire thing.

Should be an interesting afternoon….

Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of guys wearing stars and stripes speedos but I’ll post about Alex’s training next week.  Of course, check out if you can’t wait.

My Sex Toys


Last night there was a South Park episode and there was a lot of talk of ‘scissoring’ – when two girls get off by rubbing their pussies together.

I am still yet to have my first two girl threesome so I’ve never seen this in the flesh but it looks pretty hot.

I know that I love the guys version when I make out with a guy wearing speedos and we both start grinding our cocks together.  Speaking of which – I’ve posted some pics of ‘cock scissoring’ over on

Girls ScissoringLesbian ScissorLesbians ScissoringScissor

Additions to my Speedo Collection

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve ordered some new speedos and today they arrived.  I’m still waiting on a black lycra thong but I couldn’t wait for it to give you guys this update.

My new speedos are a pair of red Arena speedos, I have a black and navy pair that I use at the pool all the time.  For some weird reason I realised that I didn’t have a pair of red speedos in my collection so I had to correct it.  I think I can pull off wearing a red speedo at the pool for some lap swimming.

The 2nd new pair of speedos is the turbo speedos.  I love the photo of them which is the new header for this blog so I had to get some.  These are my 2nd pair of Turbo speedos which is more of a waterpolo brand.  The first pair I bought were the Aussie flag ones which I sent to one of my content producers (I’ll post those pics later in the week).  My first experience with Turbo was how small they are.  I bought a large and they were too small to wear except for short periods before getting them off in the bedroom.  This time I bought an X-Large and they are still a snug fit.  Compared to AussieBum, which I have a pair of blue classic (in the picture below) that are size 16 and they are about the same fit as the Turbo XL.

My New SpeedosMy New Speedo

This is the first pair of ‘funky’ speedos that I have so I can’t wait to wear them to the pool.  Being a waterpolo speedo the material feels very heavy duty.

My Turbos

And here are the photos that inspired me to buy them.  Fun looking speedo!!!

Fun SpeedosFun Turbo Speedos

Peeping Tom

I heard a very interesting story last night about my str8 fuck buddy Alex…..

One of the guys was telling me about how the crew went for a ski trip a couple of years ago (they were staying at the Station Resort in Jindabyne which I’ve stayed at on high school ski trips).  Turns out Alex and his girlfriend went home instead of partying and someone came back to get something from a shared hotel room.

Turns out my mate glanced in the window before he walked into the hotel room and saw Alex getting a blowjob from his girlfriend.  Apparently, Alex was wearing a black speedo and his girlfriend was wearing a black thong (nothing else).  It was pretty funny hearing this from a str8 friend who obviously doesn’t know that I’ve been on my knees in front of Alex in a similar position.

My str8 mate who was telling me this story was pretty hammered and I told him that must have been hot (Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot) and he agreed.  Told my that it was one for the ‘wank bank’.

I wonder if there is anyway I can use this information to my advantage with Alex’s girlfriend…..

Speedo Suck
Super Hot Blowjob