Spectacular Red Wicked Weasel

I mentioned Wicked Weasel in yesterdays post… it has been a while since I had the chance to buy one for a girl.  It is something I love doing!!!

That reminds me, I do have some more selfies of Surfer Chick in a Wicked Weasel and me in my red Arena speedos… I’ll dig them up and post them for you guys, maybe this weekend so stay posted.

Speaking of amateur Wicked Weasel photos, check out this chick in her red Wicked Weasel below.  These photos were a submission to their site and it looks great.  A little 80’s high on the hips but I still love it.

Red Wicked WeaselWicked Weasel BikiniTiny Red Bikini

Self Image


I don’t know about you guys but I think this is a pretty good generalization.

The chicks that I’ve dated or have been fuck buddies, even if they are naughty, are never happy with their bodies or showing them off all that much.

I’ve found this out when I’ve bought Wicked Weasel bikinis for chicks and they are very reluctant to wear them in public.  Me on the other hand…. I love getting down to my speedo and just wish I did it more!!!

Speedo Self Image

My Strap On Experience

I’ve only ever had one girlfriend who was into fucking with me a strap on.

The topic came up one night when we had a few drinks and we were joking around about different fantasies we both have and she brought up the idea that she’d love to own a strap on.

I was completely turned on and right then and there we jumped online and bought a strap on.  The next weekend she came over to my house with it.  She was a bit nervous and I didn’t want to appear too excited but in the end she put it on, lubed me up and fucked me.

She love it, I loved it!!!

Here is a photo gallery that I stumbled across and thought you guys might enjoy.

Strap On Sex

Fucked with Strap On

Girl with Strap On

Red Swimsuits

Right now my favourite speedos are red (click here to see pics of my red speedos), what I would love is to fuck a girl wearing a red, lycra once piece swimsuit while I’m wearing my red, lycra speedos.

Darn these girls look great in their red swimsuits!!!!

Lifeguard Swimsuit

Red Swimsuit