Sasha Grey

How many of you guys have heard of Sasha Grey?

She is this porn actress who is one of the big names I suppose, I’ve seen her floating about in some mainstream stuff and I thinks he wants to become a non-porn actress.

She is smoking hot and some of the interviews I’ve seen of her she seems OK, some that I’ve seen make her seem a bit rough.  Obviously Sasha is fucking hot.  The porn that I’ve seen her in is pretty hardcore though.  A few scenes were really ‘angry sex’ which isn’t really my thing….. I’m more of a Girls Gone Wild kind of guy when it comes to str8 porn.

Anyway I had this pic sitting around and before I delete it I thought I’d post it.

Sasha Grey Triple Penetration

Sasha looking amazing in a bikini.

Sasha Grey Bikini

Another day at the office for Sasha.

Sasha Grey Gang Bang

New Grindr Profile

Now that Kip is gone I think I need to update my Grindr profile and see what kind of trouble I can get up to this weekend.

Does Grindr still not allow speedo pics?  I think that kind sucks but maybe I’ll get a pic of my red speedos just showing.

If I saw this guy on Grindr I’m pretty sure he’d get an invitation to cum over ASAP!!!

Maybe I’ll have Alex over on Friday afternoon and have him take some new pics.  Anyone want to see them?

Speedo SelfieCock Selfie

Choosing and extra guy

I was talking to an old friend of mine online the other night.  It was pretty late and we’d both had a drink or two which was fun.  We met years ago on a ski trip and she was a ball of fun and her husband is a great guy.

This chick, we’ll call her Dee since she probably doesn’t want her real name on this blog, definitely has a crazy streak to her and somehow we got onto the topic of threesomes and foursomes.  Turns out Dee and her hubby have had a few foursomes.  Nothing organised or swinger club style but just hots + a few drinks turning into four people naked in bed.

I told her about my threesomes and it was kinda fun talking to a girl about this stuff.

I mentioned that I’ve loved my threesomes and moresomes but I’ve had some girlfriends (sometimes female fuck buddies more than ‘girlfriends’) who were into the MFF (two guys and a girl) threesome which is perplexing for me.

Dee said that she loves it although only ever had one threesome with that combination.

Over the conversation I think the consensus was that finding the extra guy is the hard thing which I think is dead right.

The majority of my threesomes I’ve been the extra guy but once a girl I knew wanted a two guy threesome and we ended up parting ways before we could find an extra guy.  I didn’t really want it to be any of my close/str8 friends and I’m not sure if any of them would have been up for it and she didn’t want it to be any of her close friends.  I remember us looking online but nothing really popped out at as either.  I didn’t want the guy to be there trying to steal the girl either. Although the threesome we wanted was about the girl, I thought that a bisexual guy would be better so that nobody seems allergic to dick.

I’d love to hear any comments from folks who have either been the extra guy or have been looking for an extra guy.

Looks like Dee and her husband might be in Colorado in February and I might be over there seeing Kip so maybe I can be the ‘extra guy’ again.  I reckon Dee would go off like a firecracker.

Cute Couple with Extra GuyTeen Threesome

Tiny Speedo

I’m sorry I haven’t started publishing the story of Kip’s last night, I’ve started writing it and it was pretty hot and I’ve been getting pretty hot just writing it.

This week I’ll begin to share it with you guys.

Today I’m off to the pool for a swim with Alex during his lunch break which will be good.  There are a few more people at the pool now that the weather is warming up but still not enough people that we have to share a lane during the day.  Maybe I’ll have to go to the pool either first thing in the morning or after ‘work hours’ and see if there is any new talent.

Now to some speedo eye candy for you guys I can’t believe how tiny this guys speedo is?!?!?!

Today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day” features a guy wearing a TINY speedo as well – check it out –

Tiny Speedo