Speedo Orgy Movie

This is the latest speedo movie that I’ve been working on the last couple of days.

It is a speedo 5 some at the pool and it is HARDCORE!!!  These muscled/tattoo’d men look great in their speedos and they fuck hard once their speedos are moved.

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Pool Party Orgy Movie

Here are some screen shots from the movie – the beginning is a bit of a montage of these 5 guys just fooling around in the pool and in their speedos.  This movie is really hot!!!


I told you guys how tight Alex’s arse was when I fucked him for the first time after getting back from Colorado.

What I forgot to tell you guys is how amazing his speedo tan looks!!!  Alex is training in the pool a bunch and of course he is only ever wearing speedos.

His butt does look tastey!!!

Since this is my bisexual blog – here are some interesting bikini tanlines for you guys to enjoy.

One Piece Swimsuit TanlinesBikini TanlineSwimmers TanlinesBikini Tanline

Speedos on the Beach

I had a great time in Colorado with Kip but I tell you what guys, I am loving being back on the beach!!!

This morning the pics below are exactly what I did (unfortunately I don’t spend anytime at the gym so I don’t look like this guy).  Pretty much every day I get into the ocean, even in winter or on rainy days.

If you are ever walking along the Terrigal beach and see a strapping guy wearing speedos walking down to the water…. it might be me, odds are it is probably me since not a whole lot of guys my age wear speedos unless we are swimming or surf life saving.

Speedo ModelMasculine Speedo Model

Speedo Photo of the Day

The ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ is part of my site SwimmerBoyz.com.  When I did the last redesign of the site it was something I was really excited about and this coming week will see the 1,000th Speedo Photo of the Day which is pretty cool.

Today’s Speedo Photo of the Day is pretty awesome, those AussieBum’s are the very first AussieBum speedos that I ever bought.

AussieBum Cock

And just for you guys, this is tomorrows ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘.  What a tastey speedo butt that is?

Speedo Butt

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