Speedos in the Shower

The response I’ve been getting from my experiences with Alex over the last couple of months has been phenomenal. I really appreciate the feedback and because of it here is another installment of Alex’s sexual awakening.

Alex and I have been busy lately and haven’t caught up for some naughty fun in a few weeks. The last time we caught up I showed Alex my new butt plugs and I put the smallest one inside him and sucked him off. I then let Alex fuck me and he fucked me hard!!!

It is one of Alex’s goals to be able to take a good anal pounding and even before we began our sexual experiences, Alex’s girlfriend would finger him when sucking him off and Alex has admitted to fingering himself when masturbating. When Tim joined us for a beach fuck Alex was excited to try his first ‘real’ anal experience but I wasn’t sure he was ready. While he was sucking Tim off, I lubed him up, fignered him for a few minutes and I got the head of my cock inside him but I didn’t want to take it too quick and start pounding away.

Yesterday I got a text from Alex:

Dave, up for some fun tomorrow morning? I think I’m ready.

I knew exactly what that meant. Alex thought he was ready for some real anal sex. One thing on Alex’s sexual bucket list is to be tied up and fucked by 2 guys. I don’t think he is quite ready for that but I think that being tied up for his first real fucking could be something that he’d like.

I’m not really into too much hardcore bondage, I’m not into gags but being tied up and teased is something I love having done to me, and doing to others, I probably like it more being done to me but I figured I’d be able to show Alex a good time.

Now I’ll finally get to what happened when Alex finally arrived……

Alex arrived and as usual I was wearing nothing but a pair of black speedo brand speedos. We made out as soon as the door shut and I managed to get him out of his clothes and down to a pair of AussieBum speedos that he was wearing under his jeans.

We then moved to the shower, and by this time we had barely said a word to each other. Alex had to walk through my room to the shower and he saw all the equipment I had out ready for him. Rope, butt plugs, vibrator, lube, condoms and some spare towels.

Getting into the shower, we didn’t remove our speedos, not straight away anyway. We continued to make out and both of us were incredibly turned on. I’m pleasantly surprised just how much Alex loves making out. I’m a huge fan and often for me I can be on the edge of orgasm and a kiss will put me over the edge. After a few minutes of this I thought I’d get things moving. I started undoing the drawstring on Alex’s black AussieBums. I had to break off our kiss to see what I was doing and I saw a HUGE SMILE on Alex’s face. It was enough to make me laugh. I asked him if he was ready and of course anytime it was too much to just let me know. Alex said that he was up for it and thought he was in ‘good hands’.

With Alex’s drawstring finally undone, I pulled the front of his AussieBum speedos down and released his engorged cock. I motioned for Alex to turn around, I got on my knees and I pulled the AussieBums down over his perfect arse. Alex’s speedo tan is getting better as well with our daytime swimming.

I pulled Alex’s AussieBums all the way down and let water run through his arse crack. I ran my hand up and down it a few times and Alex was already moaning with pleasure facing the wall of the shower.

Then I pulled his arse cheeks apart and my tongue touched his arsehole.

Alex flinched and I pulled back. Before I could ask him if it was OK he told me that was amazing.

I got back in there.

Alex was REALLY enjoying his first ever rimjob!!! I kept working away on his smooth arsehole and his moaning increased. Then I reached between his legs, which Alex has spread as wide as was comfortable. I grabbed Alex’s rock hard cock with my right hand and started stroking him.

I’m right handed when I jerk off and my expert stroking (c’mon, we are all experts at jerking off with our favourite hand) had Alex on the edge pretty quickly.

I wanted Alex to cum with my tongue in his arse and that is what happened. Alex exploded over the wall of the shower and I could feel his spasm through his arsehole. He took a little while to settle down and I waited until he was completely spent before I left his arsehole alone. Even with the water from the shower Alex’s cum was oozing down my right hand and I felt it on my arm.

Now it was my turn to cum.

Standing up, my knees hurt a little but it was worth it. Alex still had that big, gorgeous smile on his face. I asked him if I liked it and it was a big YES!!!

Now it was my turn to cum, by this stage I had been rock hard, straining the front of my speedos for more than 10 minutes. I asked Alex if he wouldn’t mind sucking me off. Alex’s answer was to get on his knees and start playing with my cock through the lycra of my speedos.

Alex has cum a long way since his first cock sucking but I was that horny it really wouldn’t have mattered. As Alex pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos I told him to finger me which he got right into to. To tell the truth it was more of a arsehole rubbing but that was all I needed. Before long I was cumming into Alex’s mouth and I noticed that he was pretty hard again. Alex really cleaned up my cock and didn’t let a drop of cum go to waste. Before he had a chance to tuck my cock back into my speedos I pulled him up and kissed him deeply.

Since we had gotten the foreplay over with I thought it was time to move to the main event. Alex and I left our speedos on the floor of the shower.

Speedo Bondage

Want to hear more?  It is finished on my site SwimmerBoyz.com, I might post some more tomorrow but I would love your support guys.

Horny Excitement/Nervousness

Just a quick early morning post for you guys.

Somehow I managed not to cum yesterday, which is odd in itself considering on average I jerk off 2 or 3 times a day.  I work up with a raging boner and while I boiled the kettle I had to go for a quick swim to try and calm it down.  It honestly felt like if I so much as touched it I would explode.

I’ve been thinking about what Alex and I are going to get up to this morning.

I have all the supplies out that I need.  I haven’t tied anyone up to my bed here so I had a bit of a practice.

I hope Alex is ready because I am hard again just thinking about it.

OK, I’ve got a couple of hours to kill so I’ll try and do some work.

I’ll post later today and let you guys know how it goes.

Tied up in speedosSpeedo BondageGay Speedo Bondage

Fucking Alex

I think you guys have been enjoying my sexcerpades with Alex over the last couple of months.

I know I have been.

I’ve really been trying to take things slow, not to scare him, not to push him further than he wants to go and that can be tiresome sometimes BUT I know how I felt when I was exploring my gay site (not until my late teens).  I actually think that if Alex and I were both 19yo then this wouldn’t happen because neither of us would have the confidence/courage (neither are quite the right word) to explore as we are.

One day Alex mentioned to me his ‘Sexual Bucket List’, not a final list but a starting point.

  • To feel me cum in his mouth (not sure about swallowing just yet) – DONE
  • Work towards being fucked – WORKING ON IT
  • Threesome with 2 guys – DONE
  • Being tied up and have 2 guys fuck him one after the other

I suppose technically Alex has been fucked in the arse BUTT (hehe) I didn’t really trust at all and just got it in past the head.

Earlier today I got a text from Alex saying:

Dave, up for some fun tomorrow morning. I think I’m ready.

Now I’m not sure I really want Alex’s first time being tied up and fucked to be with 2 guys (Kip would be OK, I know he’d take it slow) but I might try this with Alex on my own tomorrow.  My text back to Alex:

I’m not tied up at all tomorrow morning, but can’t say the same for you.

And Alex’s reply.

Looking forward to it, cya at 10.

OMG, how horny do you think I am now!!!!  I’ve had a busy weekend, nothing naughty or even horny and now I am completely boned up.  I really think I’m going to try and hold off.  It is going to be hard though.

I’m hard right now.

OK, I’m going to go for a swim in the ocean.  I might have to wear boardies over my speedos since I’m so hard.

Hope you guys are excited as I am.

Speedo BoneSpeedo SuckSpeedo Selfie Pics

Blue Speedos

How was everyone’s weekend?

Busy one here just working.  Kip is having some hassles with his house in Breck so I’ve been doing some work and research for him, if anyone here is a lawyer would love it if you dropped me a line, his lawyer is out of town on vacation so not quite sure what is happening just yet.

On a brighter note though, here is some blue speedo randomness.  Yes, I am wearing blue speedos right now and although it is a little overcast I will try and get to the pool at some point today.

Blue ADIDAS SwimwearNice Blue SpeedosSpeedo AdjustmentBlue Speedo GuyAussieBum Portsea