I like guys and girls. But I love MMF threesomes.

I like guys, and girls.

But most of all... I like them both at the same time.

Enjoy my bisexual blog everyone

Swimwear in the Snow

I haven’t mentioned Kip much since I left Colorado but don’t worry, we still talk pretty much every day online.  I hear the US East coast is still bitching about the winter (darn global warming) but I’m sure spring will be here soon enough.

Last weekend some of my mates here were talking about organizing a ski trip down to Perisher or Thedbo in August which would be awesome.  I haven’t snowboarded in Aussie since I was a kid and it would be great to get back down there and check it out again.

Kip is roughly planning on heading down under in late April and I might duck over to the US in early June for a friends 30th birthday in San Francisco.  Everything still up in the air but I really can’t wait for Kip to come down, he has never been to Australia and hopefully he’ll stay for a couple of months, and he’ll get along with my mates here as well.

Good on these guys for getting their gear off in the snow!!!

Aussie Day in the SnowSnow DaySpeedo in the Snow

Str8 Masculine Guys in Speedos

One thing I have been enjoying at the pool is how everyone pretty much wears speedos.

There are a few guys wearing jammers but otherwise it is very speedo friendly, which I think it should be considering you are swimming laps.

Age and even body type doesn’t seem to matter at all, there are some older guys, the ones I’ve seen have been pretty fit though which is awesome and they wear speedos.

I think it is awesome to see masculine, str8 (I’m assuming most of the guys are str8) guys wearing speedos and not thinking anything about it.  Now we just have to convince guys to wear speedos at the beach, that doesn’t happen too much here.

Rugby Guys in SpeedosPlaying in the Surf in Speedos

Speedo vs Shark

You might be surprised to know that I’m a horrible surfer.

I love it, but I’m horrible and whenever I’m travelling internationally people ask me about surfing and I have to admit how terrible I am at it.

Growing up we just never surfed, spent a lot of time at the beach but normally with the Life Saving Club (often called the Surf Club but has nothing to do with surfing).  My buddies here on the Central Coast grew up surfing and they are all awesome and the love taking the mickey out of me.

Saying that, I’m comfortable in the ocean and get in trouble because I have gone out on more than one occasion where the surf was too big for my surfing skills but I didn’t think too much of it.  So yesterday morning I went for an early surf with some of the boys.  After a few hours of surfing I just wanted to ditch the board so I dumped it on the beach and just swam out to where they were.

I was wearing my wet suit when surfing but I was nice and warm by the time I went for a swim so I pulled off my wet suit and just went in my black speedos.  Nobody cared and I was just hanging out the boys out the back and we saw a shark!!!!

They boys told me it was only a Thresher Shark and that they see them all the time.

That was still enough for me being out in deep water wearing nothing but a pair of black arena speedos.

I made it back to shore no probs but I might stick to my end of the beach – hahaha.

The 2nd pic is of a thresher shark, really long tail on them and this first pic is of a guy body surfing wearing a pair of Turbo speedos – he must have some extra room in the front because he has some HUGE BALLS riding a wave like that!!!

Body Surfing in SpeedosThresher Shark


Earlier in my sexual career I was a fan of the 69.  Not sure I can call it a career since I’ve never really been paid for sex but you guys know what I mean.

These days, I’m not so big a fan of the 69. The angles aren’t quite right, there is too much going on, I find I can’t focus on my job and I can’t focus on the pleasure I’m receiving.  I feel the same with guys and with girls as well.

Yesterday Tim came over after dinner for a ‘release’ session and he suggested we 69.  I was on top and it was amazingly hot of course but I really worked his cock (with a finger in his arse as well) trying to make him cum as quickly as possible.  Poor Tim couldn’t handle my ferocious assault on his cock and it didn’t take him long to cum at all.  Understandably, as Tim approached orgasm he couldn’t keep much attention on my cock.

Once his cock had finished pulsing his creamy load into my mouth the two of us detached and I told Tim that I wanted to fuck his tight arse again if he was up for it.

He was and after our 69 I didn’t take long at all to cum while fucking Tim.

By this time Tim was hard again and being the nice guy that I am let him fuck me.  Tim lasted a little longer this time and even this morning I’m still feeling a little sore from his pounding.

It is a ‘happy sore’ though.

69Sixty-NineGay 69