Speedo Selfies

TheSpeedoForum.com is a board that I’ve run for years.  It is a great place for guys to submit their own pics, their favourite pics and share speedo experiences and questions.  I don’t get to spend enough time over there but it is free like this blog.

The guys over there are great and the forum has enough traffic that it keeps flowing pretty well all on its own.  I thought I’d share with you guys some pics that have been posted over there recently.  I love amateur guys posting their pics…. so if you are looking for somewhere to post your speedo selfies, drop on over.

It is free to join, when you do, just shoot me an email so I can activate your account – a bit of a pain but stops the spammers.

And the address is www.TheSpeedoForum.com

I love that 2nd pic of the boner in the speedo solar!!!

Smooth Guy in Green SpeedoSpeedo Boner

Time for a Bi Threesome

It has been far too long since I got laid by a chick.

Since I’ve been back in Aussie, zip, nothing, nada.  Obviously, I have been having success with the guys so that definitely makes up for it but I shouldn’t get in a ‘rut’, no matter how nice it is.

For those of you who follow this blog will know that my neighbors here on the beach are two hot mid/late 20s girls.  They really like me and a couple of weeks after I moved in I did make out with one of the girls but nothing else came of it.  I’m pretty sure they don’t know of my bi-side.  Maybe this weekend I’ll have to do something about this.

Wish me luck guys.

Speedo 3wayHottub Blowjob

The cut of a speedo

I last posted on Saturday around lunch time.  I’m sorry for not posting since then BUT Saturday night turned in a HUGE night and surprisingly for me, I backed up and Sunday became another HUGE night.

Right now it is Tuesday night and finally I feel half normal again.  Nothing naughty to report, just some guys from Sydney were up and things just kept going later and later.  Lots of fun but I hate wasting what feels like 2 days of the week.

Now I’m back though, going to the pool early today because Alex can’t make it at lunch time.

My new project though it to pull my finger out and get the new DE Swimwear line moving.  I’ve got so many ideas on the product I want, I’ve had samples made up and I think there is a demand for what I can create.  On top of that, I have you guys to tell me if my DE Swimwear are good or bad.  And one last thing, I think some brands are getting a little big for their speedos when they are charging up to, and even more than US$40 for a speedo.

Here is a little question for you guys.  Which of the three cuts of speedos below do you like the most?  Helps when the 3 models are all perfect speedo specimens.

My personal preference is the one on the left worn low on the hips.

Three Fit Guys

Guys Kissing

Another glorious day here on the New South Wales coast!!!

This morning some of the boys came over for an early morning surf.  The water isn’t that cold but it was wetsuits all around.  Since my place is closest to the beach everyone met at my place and then we walked at least 1km up the beach before there was any swell at all.

I still find it interesting that all the guys wear speedos under their wetsuit, and they wears speedos under their board shorts, but they’d never wear them while hanging out at the beach.  And, like Alex, I’m sure most of them would wear speedos only if they were swimming laps.

Thought I’d post this pic of some guys who aren’t afraid to wear speedos in public, or make out in public.  I’d be pitching a tent in my speedos making out with that guy.

Public Kiss