New Premium Membership

Finally I think I’m ready to start testing my new project.

For a while I’ve been wanting to create a ‘Premium Membership’ side to this blog.  A place where I can post some more video and some more personal stuff that I don’t necessarily want completely open to the public.  There are 6,000 daily readers of this blog and I have a feeling there might be a couple of people whom I’m not completely out to who might be checking in.

Right now I’m going to start it at a whopping $5/month.  This isn’t like my site, it will be more stories and sample/different movies.  If you are a member of then you get free access as well.

I’m still getting my head around exactly what I’ll be able to post in the ‘Premium Members’ area so I’m keen to hear your feedback.

To start things off, this is the first post in the ‘Premium Members’ area.  I’m sure a lot of you guys have seen this guy James and he is stunning in his black speedos……

I first saw pics of this guy, James, years and years ago and I just love how he looks in these classic black speedos!!!

The other day I stumbled across a 5 and a half minute video of James at his first ever porn audition.  When he removed his jeans, he is wearing those same black speedos he is in the pics below.  He does remove the speedos and then jerks off.

I will keep looking for more video of this gorgeous speedo guy!!!

Something a little different and if you want to watch the video – it is available to ‘Premium Members‘.

Black SpeedosCock in Black Speedo

And here is the video:

Speedo Audition

Threesome Stats

I started blogging back in 2005 with my blog  I started it because I had my first threesome and it was so amazing I wanted to share it with someone but probably not in a group email to my friends.

At the time I employed a graphic designer working for me and she had a blog and I asked her about it and set up

Back to my threesome, I’ve been a huge fan of threesomes ever since my first which you can read about here, or click on the link above titled ‘My FIrst MMF Threesome‘.

Today I came across a survey/study that an online dating site did on threesomes, I always think you have to take these survey’s with a pinch of salt but it still makes for fun reading.

Here are some interesting points that I took away from it:

  • 19% of people have had a threesome, that is 1 in 5 about what I would expect it to be.
  • 63% of gay males have had a threesome.  Again I think that sounds about right, I’ve had 3 times as many threesomes with just guys.
  • 22% of straight guys have had a threesome where only 11% of straight women have had a threesome.  This is definitely interesting but I’m not really sure what to make of it.

I wonder if these stats are increasing, it might be the people I hang out with but I feel threesomes and casual bisexual activity is far more accepted than when I had my first threesome 10 years ago.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys.

3some PositionThree Guy ThreesomeThree Girl ThreesomeThree Way with 2 Guys and a Girl

Speedo Model

Not much of a post for you guys today.  This guy is super hot thought – I love that he has an all over tan, you know he wears those speedos at the beach.

My cycling mate left this morning and last night we both had a few too many whiskeys.  It was good to catch up with him although it was a shame there was no ‘hanky-panky’.

Since I’ve feeling a bit dusty I think I might lie down and watch some of the Tour De France.  I promise I’ll have something more fun to post tomorrow.

Masculine Guy in a Black SpeedoMasculine Speedo

Girl Watching 2 Guys

Looks like my snowboarding trip with Alex is lined up for August.  Will just be a 4 day weekend but should be awesome to get some turns in and I haven’t been snowboarding in Aussie for a few years so it should be fun.  And Alex’s girlfriend and the Surfer Chick will be coming.  I’m not sure of the sleeping arrangements but it could be interesting…..

We might have to have a warm up before the snowboarding trip…. maybe let the girls watch Alex and I?

I’m sure Alex’s girlfriend will be surprised by Alex’s new ‘skills’.  Anal fucking skills, anal receiving skills and cock sucking skills. Girlfriend Watching 2 Guys