Alex’s Red Speedos

Alex had a great idea about the ‘Mr. Red Speedos’ from the pool….. we should both wear red speedos to the pool as well.  At least it might get a conversation going.

So later today we are going to the pool at about the same time, Alex has a pair of red speedo brand speedos and I have a pair of red Arena speedos.  I don’t think Alex has ever worn his red speedos to the pool, his girlfriend bought them as a fancy costume prop.

I’ll let you guys know if Mr. Red Speedo is at the pool.

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Mr. Red Speedos

Yesterday Alex and I did catch up for a swim at the pool, no we didn’t suck each other off in the change rooms, that might have been a one off, would be pretty embarrassing to be caught by someone else or the staff….. not so much for me but definitely for Alex.

As we got out of the pool and dried off, Alex directed my attention to this guy, maybe a couple of years younger than us, who dropped his towel about 10m from us and stripped down to a red speedo!!!

I wasn’t gobsmacked by his red speedos, most guys wear speedos at the pool, I’ve worn my red speedo and I’ve seen other guys in red speedos, what was amazing was how hot this guy was!!!  alex and I tried not to stare but on the way out of the pool we both agreed that we want to fuck that guy.  So, if you were at the pool on Tuesday at about half 12, was wearing a red speedo….. the two guys wearing black speedos about 6 lanes over would like to fuck you – hahahaha.

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Around the house

I have just been talking to Kip online, we talk pretty much every day and even though our schedules are pretty random the time difference doesn’t screw us up too much.  Kip has been snowboarding a few days in Colorado and we were talking about my trip over there this winter.  I’m thinking I might head over for the month of February.  Sounds like a long time but it is a pretty cheap trip, season pass ($500) and flights are my only big expenses.

That is the rough plan, I’ll look at some flights this week.

One thing I really enjoyed when Kip was here and when I was living at his place in Colorado was that we both hung out (hehe) in speedos pretty much all the time.  I hang out in my speedos most of the time when I’m in the house on my own but having someone else in the house hanging out in speedos was fun.  A slap on the arse was rather common.

I’ve never lived with a girl for any real period of time and I wonder if str8 couples walk around the house wearing less clothes than they would otherwise?

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