Off to the pool, with Alex and Surfer Chick

A quick post before I head off to the pool for a swim.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that Surfer Chick noticed a pair of AussieBum speedos in my shower and I told her that I swim a bunch.  She swam in high school and since it isn’t ideal surfing weather she said she’d be keen to get back in the pool as well.

So, today we’ve lined it up AND Alex is coming for a swim as well.

OMG, this is going to be amazing!!!  Alex and I are both wearing just black lycra speedos (I thought about wearing my red Arena speedos but I might save them for later).  I have glanced Surfer Chick in a bikini (and in underwear and completely naked of course) but it will be good to see her in a once piece.

OK guys, gotta fly.  If anything super naughty happens, like the three of us end up in the change rooms together (like Alex and I have done about 3 times now) I will be sure to let you know.


Guys and Girls in Swimsuits

Asian Gay Porn

It is the first of the month and Kip and I have a stack of movies to upload to my site this month.  And we’ve started early with 2 new movies added this morning.

One of the movies is a classic 3 muscle guys in a hottub and one guy looks fantastic in his blue speedos.

Blue Speedo Sex Movie

The second movie is a little different from the norm.  It is an asian speedo movie.  The guy in it is wearing a gorgeous red speedo and he is fucked really hard by a guy wearing a black speedo.  Thing is with asian porn is they try to blur out the cock – WTF?  This movie is super hardcore and isn’t leaving much to the imagination so I’m not sure why they would do that.

It is still really hot and I came in my red Arena speedos when I first watched it.

I’ve uploaded a 3 minute sample from this movie on the homepage of if you’d like to check it out.  Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

AND – if you want to watch 80 something hours of speedo porn (not in 3 minute clips), it is only $4.95 to join and you will be helping to keep this site online.

Asian Speedo PornSpeedo PornGay Asian PornGay Asian Speedo Movie

Alex, Surfer Chick and Me at the Pool

How was everyone’s weekend?

This blog was listed on yesterday and I had 8,050 unique visitors which is amazing!!!  I hope anyone who is new is enjoying my bisexual blog.

I’ve seen the Surfer Chick twice since our date late Friday and each time we’ve pretty much fucked like rabbits.  She is super hot and is rather eager.  Only really vanilla sex thus far.

She did see some AussieBum speedos of mine in the shower the other day and I told her I go to the pool every other day during the week.  Turns out she swam in high school and since it isn’t surfing weather ever day she’d be keen to join me.

The Surfer Chick in a one piece and Alex and I both in speedos…… I’ve died and gone to heaven – hahahaha.

I’ll keep you guys posted of course.
Lycra Swimsuit Close UpWhite Speedo Picture

Day Hanging out in Speedos

Finally the sun is out here on the Aussie Central Coast.

It isn’t like there has been no sunshine at all since I’ve been back but none of these gorgeous days with uninterrupted sunshine and no wind.  The water (ocean) temps are still pretty warm at about 18C but the air temp has been colder than that.

Since it is a nice day, I’m going to spend it wearing nothing but speedos.  Why not?

If you walk past my house and you see me up sitting with my laptop wearing my speedos, come up and say g’day.  You should be only wearing a speedo as well though.

Lazy Speedo Guy