Back Home

I made it back to Aussieland safe and sound, that does explain me being offline for a few days.

The last couple of weeks in Colorado didn’t feel very wintery but returning home, it feels like the perfect Aussie summer.  I have been pretty well behaved and getting a lot of sleep in.  This coming weekend I’ll have a BBQ on Friday night to catch up with the crew, I have heard from Alex already…. turns out he had his first ever solo gay hookup while I was away which he said was good.  I will pass on the details when I get them.

Today is a good looking day out there and since I haven’t really speedo’d it up since I got back, I’m going to head up to Birdie Beach for the afternoon to get my speedo tan back on (I thought of organizing a hookup but I’ll wait until I see Alex in the next couple of days).

If you are new to the blog and don’t know who Alex is – you can read about him on that right side navigation.

I think I will be wearing some white speedos today – this sign below isn’t in Australia (I think it is Florida).  I think I need to get a sign like that and it it on my patch of back lawn between the house and the beach.

Speaking of the house…. since I’ve gotten back, my neighbor (there are two chicks who live next door – my crappy old house is split in two but the location is AMAZING).  Anyway, the neighbor that I have made out with has been super friendly….. could be interesting, I will keep you guys posted.

OK guys, I’ve gotta fly.  Prawn sandwiches packed (no we don’t call them shrimp), a bunch of boring paperwork, sunscreen and condom and lube (just incase).

Nude Beach Sex

Speedo Sex Movie

On Sunday I posted some photos from this new movie.

As a member of the blog I’ve made this sample clip available to you guys. Even though as this goes live I’m probably over Hawaii somewhere I thought there is no shame in you guys having something fun to watch.

Enjoy and I’ll talk to you tomorrow from the beach.

Gay Speedo Movie

Amateur Porn Model

In my line of work (adult webmaster is my official title), I have a few mates who are also in the business although most of them are on the str8 side of the business.

One of my mates who shoots a lot of his own content sent through some pics of his latest model.

This chick is looking to began a career as an adult actress and she is up for ANYTHING!!!

Just sit for a minute and imagine what ANYTHING means……