Girl who likes guys in speedos

You guys know I use Grindr and it has been very good at letting me meet guys, more so than any website I’ve ever used.

A while back someone told me about Tinder, it is a thing for guys and girls to hook up and the idea is supposed to be casual sex.  However, I’m not sure it really works.  I know a bunch of people who play with it but I haven’t heard of anyone meeting, let alone hooking up with Tinder.  If you have, please leave me a comment and I’ll take it more seriously than I do right now.

Anyway, what gave me the idea for this blog post is I saw a girl on it the other day and there is a pic of her with two guys in speedos.  She is wearing a bikini and there is another girl wearing a bikini in the photo.

I’d love to post it here but I don’t think I should.

It is a pretty hot picture, she looks good in her bikini and the two guys look really hot in their speedos.

I wonder if I should contact her and say something about “Do you like all your men in speedos?”  Maybe if I have a few drinks later tonight I will – hehehe.

Couple on the Beach in Bikini and Speedo

Jennifer Lawrence Wet Dream

I have only ever had one wet dream.  It was when I was in my late teens and I was thinking about a guy in my high school that I liked but I never did anything with him.  Actually I facestalked him a little while back and he still looks cute but he got married, to a girl.

How often have you had a wet dream?  I suppose I’ve never been masturbationarily challenged so I don’t usually have a back up in that regard.

However, the other night I had a really sexual dream and I woke up with a raging hard on and I remembered the dream vividly.

It was me fucking Jennifer Lawrence.

A week ago I didn’t know who Jennifer Lawrence was, I heard about the celebrity hacking thing and it mentioned Jennifer Lawrence and I didn’t know who she was.  Until, a friend sent me through a bunch of her selfies…. ahhhh, the chick from Hunger Games.  From her selfies it seems like she is one naughty girl.

She is obviously gorgeous but I honestly have never had a crush on her or anything but it must have been her selfies that stuck in my subconscious somehow.

Would love to hear if you guys have wet dreams.  Here are some of jennifer Lawrence’s selfies…. she is naughty.

Jen Lawrence SelfieNude Jennifer LawrenceJennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence Celeb SelfieJennifer Lawrence Nude Pic

Andrew Christian Speedos

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  Kip and I have been really busy with a new site ( and a whole lot of new movies.

Tomorrow is Bathurst (the equivalent of our Daytona 500 I suppose) and I intend on spending the entire day on the couch, with my laptop watching cars go round and round 161 times.

Speedo Lick

Licking the Head of Kip’s Cock

A big part of the story that I got online a few days ago, I mentioned how I spent a lot of time going slow with Kip and giving the head of his cock a lot of attention.

I’ll admit that I prefer a guy (or girl) to focus on my shaft but it can be a nice change.  Once I cum though….. the head of my cock is SUPER sensitive.  I’m cut, I wonder if uncut guys are more sensitive?  Please leave a comment if you can shed some light on the topic.

Here is today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ which seems rather appropriate.  The other pics are some Photo’s of the Day which will be posted in the coming weeks but I figured you guys could hand it…..

Licking the Head of a PenisLicking Cock Head - Beach ThreesomeCock Licking in SpeedosPenis Licking