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This is a story written by one of my fans, when I first read this, I was sitting at my laptop at my breakfast bar wearing only a pair of red speedos.  I was hard from about a quarter of the way into this story and when I finished it, it didn’t take much rubbing of the front of my speedo to climax myself.

Then I walk out my door and went for a quick swim in the ocean to clean the inside of my red speedos…..

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did.

The girl, I’ll call her “Jess” for the retelling, was 18 and a senior, as I was. We had some classes together and hung out in the same groups and so spent quite a bit of time together. She had a nice athletic body and short cropped hair that was bleached blonde. She was a bit of “wild child” and certainly more sexually experienced than I was at the time.

One afternoon late in the spring semester, we had made plans to meet up at the mall near school to get food. I had been at the public library working on a paper and made my way to the mall after.

As we were sitting in the food court eating and talking, she mentioned that she was going to go shopping for a new swimsuit. She asked if I would help her pick it out. That’s not really a question that needs to be thought about, of course I said yes.

At this point, as exciting as that prospect was, Jess and I had never done anything remotely sexual together. We had both dated other people on and off, but never each other. Now, this relationship wasn’t totally platonic, there was a lot of flirting and sexual tension, at least from my perspective, which was often torture. I had gone swimsuit shopping with previous girlfriends, and the thought of doing this with Jess was exciting, especially since it came out of the blue.

We visited one of the department stores and browsed the selection of bathing suits. These were tame by my standards now, but the prospect of seeing her body in some of these suits was giving me a bit of a hard on.

She picked out three or four and went into the fitting rooms to try them on. She didn’t let me see the first, but once she had narrowed it down to two, she opened the door to the fitting room so I could see. I was speechless. She spun around a time or two and I could see her slim waist and delicious ass. The first suit was a dark blue, solid in color. The second one (my favorite) had a butterfly print with yellow trim and little string tie sides. When she asked what I thought, I told her I liked the string bikini with the butterflies. She smiled and said it was the one she liked best, too.

She paid for the suit and we went our separate ways home. It was a school night, after all. However, I was all worked up.

Two weeks later, on a Friday night, we were out with friends. My family was out of town and had left me to fend for myself. Jess had picked me up as a few of us were riding together to minimize the number of cars. When the evening was over and everyone else had been dropped off, she drove me to my house. When we got there, she said she’d brought her new bathing suit and we should hang out by the pool. Again, a no-brainer. I said “Sure.”

We got out of the car, she grabbed her bag as I was unlocking the door. She was heading towards the bathroom to change but she stopped and said, to my utter disbelief, “Hey, if I am going to wear this little bikini, it’s only fair that you wear a speedo.”

Taken completely aback, I said, “What makes you think I even have a speedo?” I definitely did but I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to admit it. I was a swimmer before and during high school. I swam for a local club mostly, but had done a season or two on the high school team. I didn’t think Jess knew about that, though.

She looked at me with a “don’t bullshit me” look and said, “I know you’re a swimmer, you must have at least one.”

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I was caught. And I was so excited my hands and knees were shaking. I felt a twinge of fear, too, though. Was this for real?

I went up to my room, grabbed one of my team suits, navy blue with orange panels on the hips. It was my racing suit, so it was very small – two sizes smaller than what I’d wear at practice.

I pulled my shorts up over the suit, grabbed some towels and went out to the pool. Jess was there already, wearing only her new string bikini. I felt my cock start to grow.

When she heard me coming out, she turned and looked me.

“Where’s the speedo?” she demanded.

“All in good time,” I said.

I put the towels down on the chairs and put my feet in the water on the first step. It was still a bit chilly as it was still only early May, but it wasn’t too cold to get in. The chill of the water made my crotch relax. I was still shaking, hoping she didn’t notice. I’m sure she did, though.

I took a deep breath, turned to face her, and pulled the shorts down slightly, exposing the top of the suit to her. “See, I’m wearing it.”

“No way!” she said. Her eyes were huge and she came towards me so fast that before I knew it my shorts were down to my ankles. She laughed. “You’re really wearing a speedo!”

I could feel my face turning red and I was now certain that I’d just made a really big mistake. Then she stepped toward me and put her hands on my hips. I could feel the heat of her body and I looked down at her, her eyes staring back up at me. My cock started to grow again.

“You might as well take the shorts the rest of the way off, “ she said as she let go of me and went down the steps and into the water. I did as she said. The shorts were off, and I followed her into the pool.

It was a beautiful, clear night. There were lots of stars out, but no moon making it very dark. We floated around for awhile talking about this and that. Then she started to walk out of the pool, up the stairs. Her wet bikini clung to her ass and I could feel myself getting hard again.

I moved toward the steps to follow her out. She had her back to me and before I was to the steps, she reached up over her neck and untied her bikini top. The strings fell down her shoulders and she reached for the back, undoing the last knot. Her top fell to the pool deck. I was rock hard now. My cock was up and to the right, barely being held in by the tiny speedo.

She turned around to me with her bare breasts exposed and looked at me. Without breaking eye contact, she took her right hand, put her fore and middle fingers in her mouth, then slipped it down the front of her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her clit.

“Are you going to get out?” she asked.

I slowly walked up the steps, my raging cock throbbing in my tiny suit. There was no hiding it.

“You’re hard!” she laughed. “Maybe we should take care of that.”

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I couldn’t think of anything to say, I just walked towards her.

“I went to watch one of your swim meets once,” she said. “I went to see your cock and ass in that suit to see what you were working with.”
With her left hand she grabbed my right and put it in the small of her back. She brought her fingers out of her pussy and put them back in her mouth, making a show of sucking on them.

Speedo Couple Making OutThat she had secretly watched me at a swim meet was too much. I felt dizzy from the revelation and all the excitement. This was all so fucking hot.

My left hand went to the back of her head and I pulled her in for a kiss. As our lips met, her right hand dropped back down to her bikini bottoms and she moaned gently as she resumed rubbing her pussy.

We made out like this for what was probably only a minute or two, and then her other hand began to stroke my cock over the speedo. The feeling was unbelievable.

“You like that, don’t you?” She said.

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