A Nice Classic Speedo

Hey guys, quick Friday afternoon post as I’m running late to go for a surf with the boys.

A little windy today but the sun is out and the clouds have run away so I ducked up to Birdie Beach to work on my speedo tan.  Didn’t see anyone up there so it was great.  I did some work on my laptop (writing more about Paul the Politician and our naughty exploits) and I was so horny reminiscing that I just had to empty my balls.

Rolled over on my back and came all over my tummy.

Jumped in the surf to clean up.  Jerking off in the sunshine feels liberating!!!

Then I had to hurry back and just as I got to where the path goes from the beach to the carpark, I see two guys working on their speedo tans.  They didn’t look like they were together but they were pretty close to each other.  If only I had more time the three of us could have had some fun.

Next time.

Here is a gallery I thought was pretty hot and wanted to share with you guys.  The guys last name is Yeger I think and I love it because it is just a classic speedo on a classicly good looking guy.  I like how huge his package looks in the third photo.

As always – members are enjoying the full gallery.  Click here to join now.Black and White Speedo Photo Shoot

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....