ADIDAS 3-Stripe

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much this week.  Kip and I went on a little road trip which I’ll have to elaborate about and since we didn’t have net access for a couple of days we’ve been busy little beavers catching up on stuff.

Now I’m back and settled in.  I think we are going to skip snowboarding today and just work which is fine with me, I love my work.

I have a really hot new movie which I’ll be making live later today and I’ll be publishing some screen shots here for you guys.

And, today I am planning on going for a swim at the Rec Center.  I will be wearing my new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos so if anyone recognizes me say g’day.  Lately I have been loving the 3-stripe, they just fit me perfectly.

OK, I’ll post more later today guys.

ADIDAS Swimwear

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....