Alex, Surfer Chick and Me at the Pool

How was everyone’s weekend?

This blog was listed on yesterday and I had 8,050 unique visitors which is amazing!!!  I hope anyone who is new is enjoying my bisexual blog.

I’ve seen the Surfer Chick twice since our date late Friday and each time we’ve pretty much fucked like rabbits.  She is super hot and is rather eager.  Only really vanilla sex thus far.

She did see some AussieBum speedos of mine in the shower the other day and I told her I go to the pool every other day during the week.  Turns out she swam in high school and since it isn’t surfing weather ever day she’d be keen to join me.

The Surfer Chick in a one piece and Alex and I both in speedos…… I’ve died and gone to heaven – hahahaha.

I’ll keep you guys posted of course.
Lycra Swimsuit Close UpWhite Speedo Picture

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....