Alex’s Fantasy

After Alex fucked me a couple of days ago, we chilled out for a couple of hours and had a few drinks.  Some of the other boys came around – the ‘other boys’ are all 100% str8 and think that Alex and I are both 100% as well.

While we were coming down off our furious fuck session Alex was saying hot hot Surfer Chick is and that he has been fantasizing about a threesome or foursome with us and maybe with his girlfriend.

I haven’t brought anything like this up yet with the Surfer Chick and Alex hasn’t mentioned things like this much with his girlfriend.

It is a kind of tough topic to bring up, for Alex since he has been in a relationship for years and for me not wanting to screw it up since it is new.

Bisexual Teens

Guy and a Girl Both Sucking Cock

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....