Anal Sex Beginner

Yesterday morning Surfer Chick and I fucked each others brains out!!!

You guys know I’m super horny when I’m hungover, one day I jerked off 10 times.  We had drunken sex the night before but since we were both keen to stay in bed we ended up fucking 3 times.

Surfer Chick likes to be fucked from behind which isn’t really my favourite but we did but one time when she was on top of me I was grabbing her arse pretty hard and she told me she loved it.

I then started rubbing her arsehole and I got a “That feels amazing” out of her.  I didn’t finger her arsehole, I normally prefer to ask permission before venturing into a new hole.

When Surfer Chick and I calmed down and got our breath back I asked her if she liked anal?  She said she had tried with an old boyfriend years ago but it hurt too much and she hadn’t tried since but she is finding that her arse is really sensitive and it has got her thinking about trying it again.

Who better to help a chick learn anal than a guy who loves receiving anal?!?!?!

I’m really excited.  I will take it slow and bring out some small butt plugs for Surfer Chick and get her started and see if she likes that.

If she does, then I think this is a pretty easy opening for a two guy threesome, one guy fucking her arse and one guy fucking her pussy.  I’ve never done that before and think it would be amazing!!!

I will keep you guys posted.

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