Brunette in one piece

Couple of things I want to share with you guys in this post.

Firstly, last weekend I did meet (albeit briefly) a cute brunette.  She was absolutely hammered drunk and we didn’t have a chance to say more than hello and goodbye but she was smoking hot.  She lives in Denver but is friends with a friends girlfriend, she snowboards so I’m sure I’ll see her again….  it has been a while since I’ve met a girl that I actually think is hot.

She might be 100% crazy but at least hot is a good start.

The second thing I want to mention in this post is the girl in the pics below has gotten a fair bit of attention over on ‘’.  The forum is something I’ve run for a while, it is free to join – just shoot me an email when you do so I can activate your account.  I think about 12 months ago I added a “Girls in Swimsuits” forum and it isn’t as popular as the other forums on there but there have been some great pics posted.

Anyways, the chick in these pics has been posted on the forum wearing 2 different swimsuits.

I think she is smashing!!!

Purple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple Swimsuit

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....