Can I wear white speedos to the pool?

I’ve had a great morning today, I got up early, jerked off twice, walked down to town and grabbed a pie for breakfast and I’ve got a bunch of work done.

Now I’m about to head off to the pool for a swim.

I’ve just got to decide what speedos to wear.  Normally I go with a black or navy pair of Arena speedos, or my ADIDAS three-striped black lycra speedos or a black AussieBum classic speedo.

However, I do have a white speedo solar (the small one with the 1″ sides, a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah’s and a pair of white AussieBum lycra speedos.  Why don’t I wear a white pair today?  The Coolabah’s are ruled out because they are a bit too see through when wet.  The speedo solar are tiny so that leaves the white AussieBums.

It is overcast and cold so there probably won’t be too many people at the pool so I’m going to try it.

Wish me luck guys.

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Let me know what you are thinking mate.....