Bisexual Behaviour

It has been far too long since I’ve had any bisexual or hetrosexual adventures.

I am going over to Colorado to see Kip (he is the guy who runs all the tech stuff behind all this) and his sister and I have fooled around a few times.

Here is a visual description of what I’d like to be doing…..



biteens-6 biteens-3


Asian Chicks Wrestling in Swimsuits

I love wrestling in my speedos and it is something that happens quite often in my bedroom, but I have never had the chance to watch two chicks wrestling in their lycra swimwear.

These two Asian chicks look awesome in their ASICS one piece swimwear…. I’d love to be there to watch them get all exhausted and then join in.

Beach Threesome

A few weeks ago I was up at Birdie Beach working on my speedo tan and this couple had oral sex very close to me…. I’m sure they were just showing off.

Click here to read that post.

What would have been much more fun, would have been if they invited me to join them.  Have you ever had a threesome on the beach?

Being Watched

Last month I wrote about how a couple had oral sex on the beach well within my view.  I was there first so I wasn’t some creeper and when they left they did both give me a ‘thumbs-up’.  Click here to read that post.

I don’t think I’ve ever been watched in public…. obviously I have been watched during threesomes and foursomes but nothing in ‘public’.  I have been caught jerking off in the showers (you can read about that in the stories section of

I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl who was super keen to ‘show off’.  It would be fun…..

In the following two photos, would you like to be showing off for her?

Bisexual Couple Showing Off

Or showing off for him?

Cockhold Husband Watching