Holiday Hookup

Last night I had the house to myself.  Kip (my server admin) and his sister (my new girlfriend) were down in Denver.  I’ll explain more about Kip and his crew in some future blog posts but they knew/assumed I’d be up to naughtiness.

I have a gorgeous townhouse in Breckenridge and a private hottub….. what do you think I’m going to do?

I turn on Grindr….. this is my profile photo.

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AussieBum FuckSpeedo Anal

Sex in the Sydney Airport

I’m on my way to Colorado.  I’m writing this post from the Sydney Airport and I’m excited.  Getting everything ready for leaving is always hectic but I think I’m on top of things.

With all the travelling I have done, I am yet to join the Mile High Club…. Anyone here joined the Mile High Club?

A member of this blog sent me this story through years ago and I stumbled across today going through some old stuff and thought I’d freshen it up a little and share it with you guys.  It got me hard and made me cum, I hope it has the same effort for you – hahaha.

After leaving the check-in counter I went straight to the flight gate. In the next row across from my seat I saw one of the guys from the hostel I’d been staying at in Bondi.  He and his group has been on the beach all week chatting up every group of girl in sight.  One of the guys had caught my eye with his sculptured build, shaved head, and perfect smile, of course it was him that I noticed in the airport.

Let me describe this hunk for you; around twenty-two years old, he had an eyebrow piercing and tattoo on his neck.  Looking at him from behind my Raybans, his white Quiksilver boardies were riding really low showing off his speedos.  They were a typical pair of black endurance speedos with the SPEEDO logo printed in bright red. I’m sure we was unaware that each time he bent over he was teasing me with a view of his speedos.

Sitting with earphones on and my legs crossed, my Aussiebum classic reds were showing under my white nylon gym shorts. When his mates weren’t looking, I caught him taking a perve at me.  Not only had I fantasized about this guy, but all week I felt like I caught him checking me out on more than one occasion.

It was now or never…. I took off my sunnies, gave him a wink and stood up.  I walked right past him and his mates and sensed he was keen.  I felt a stirring in my Aussiebums.

The airport was pretty quiet and I walked to the end of a terminal that was really quiet.  There was a bathroom towards the end and really not many people about at all.  Just imagine if he was following me……

As I entered the bathrooms I looked back and there he was!  Holy shit, he was following me.

In the bathroom there were a row of urinals and unoccupied toilets on the right, a random guy was washing up and leaving the room.  There was nobody else in there.

I went to the last cubicle, without closing the door I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt in half a second.  A half second after that the guy walked into the tiny space of the cubical.  Without a word, he dropped to his knees and started licking the front of my red Aussiebums.  With arms up I held the stall divide with my hands.  Ass clenched, he was working my cock through the nylon of the speedos.  Finally he pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos and engulfed my cock in his warm, wet mouth.  I was stunned at the speed and enthusiasm he demonstrated while he worked on my cock.  His mouth all warm and wet as he rotated his tongue. He’d done this before for sure and showed no holding back.

He suddenly moved up off his knees and slung his singlet back over his tattooed neck showing off his ripped abs. I went straight for his throbbing hard on, pulling at his untied boardie which slid down to his ankles.  He casually kicked them to the side.  I moved forward to grab at his cock which was straining through the front of his speedos. He wasn’t looking to fuck my mouth though, he turned me around so forcefully that even if I had resisted I’m not sure I could have.

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Taz’s Gay Hall Pass

It was a pretty amazing trip to Queensland and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you guys more of my selfies and more about some touristy things I’ve been doing when not hanging out with Rachel and Taz.

But for now you guys are probably interested in more of the naughty stuff.

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Anyways, for non-members who can’t read all the juicy details let me catch you up a little bit.  Rachel and Taz spent three nights down the coast hanging out and we tried every position and combination we could think of.  It was all supposed to be about Taz having gay experiences but I did get to fuck Rachel a bit as well.

They left on Sunday to go back to Brisbane and I had the rest of the week at their unit/apartment on the coast.  Rachel did however give Taz permission to play with me during the week if he got the opportunity.  I think they call that a Hall Pass right?

The opportunity for Taz to use his Hall Pass arose on Tuesday when he drove down to the coast for an early morning swim.  I met Taz as he parked his car out the front of the complex and we walked over to the beach.  We stripped down to speedos, Taz loves speedos and has no problems wearing them in public.  I wish more guys would do it.  The two of us hung out in the surf body surfing and chatting…  Of course the topic of what the three of us had done over the weekend came up in conversation.  Sounds like they had a great time and were stoked how everyone got on and how comfortable it felt.

One thing Taz brought up in our conversation was how surprised he was that he enjoyed being fucked.

Was that Taz telling me he wanted me to fuck him again?

I asked him.  Turns out, he drove down hoping I’d fuck him, again.  That was the cue to go up to the unit I think.

One problem though, I’m fully erect from our sex talk.  I reached under the water and felt the front of Taz’s speedo and low and behold, he was just as hard as I was.

Now we were swimming between Main Beach and Narrowneck Beach which is north of Surfer Paradise on the Gold Coast (you can Google Earth it if you are interested).  It is 7:30am which means the beach is quieter than it would be during the day but there are still people about and going for their morning walk.  From where our t-shirt and shorts are on the beach is a little short of one hundred meters (length of a football field) from the water.  We were going to have to time our exit from the ocean discretely.

It took five minutes or so before there was a break in the morning walkers when we could exit without surprising some unsuspecting grandma on her morning walk.

That five minutes had not helped the blood drain from our cocks because I had been asking Taz how he had recovered from the pounding he had last weekend.  He was sore but OK with it and we both agreed that our cocks were a little sore and needed a few days break.

Finally there was a gap in the morning walking traffic, Taz and I exited the water.

Then I had a naughty idea… I grabbed Taz’s shorts.  He looked at me quizzically.  I challened Taz: if he would walk back (which involved crossing a pretty major road) in his (rather stretched) speedo I’d swallow his load.  Taz wasn’t fazed at first, he knows I am OK with swallowing cum but I had something else in mind.  If he chickened out and put his shorts on, I’d make him swallow my cum and his own.

I do not have the public confidence to do what I was asking Taz to do but if he did, I was happy to swallow my cum and his, only fair right?

Taz was up for the challenge.  I put my shorts on covering my speedo erection but didn’t put my shirt on.  Taz put his shirt on, which I hadn’t though of because it did cover his bulge pretty well.  We started walking up off the beach and as we got to the road it was really busy.  Taz chickened out and put his short on.  Ow, he would pay for that later.

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Taz Sucking Cock

A month or so ago I received the following email:


My fiance, Taz, is a huge fan of yours and after he introduced me to your blog and other websites I’ve become a fan as well.

We both vicariously enjoy your sexual adventures and are long time members.

Your trip to Vegas with Penny and Pat was amazingly hot and sounded like a hot experience for all involved. It is something we would love to be a part of which is why I’m writing this to you.

For my birthday earlier this year, Taz arranged for a girl to join us, more particularly for a girl to join me which was a first for me and very enjoyable.

Taz’s birthday is coming up at the end of October and I was hoping to get him something just as special… I’d like to give him you for a night.

Let me tell you a little about ourselves…. (I’ve edited this out for the time being for privacy reasons).

Please reply if you are interested, or if you aren’t interested I completely understand.


Of course I would love to help take Taz’s gay virginity.

With a little bit of back and forth, it was all organized.

Rachel’s parents own an apartment on the Gold Coast which they AirBNB and they booked it out for me for a week. The Gold Coast is about a ten hour drive north from where I live and on Monday morning I was on the road nice and early.

The apartment was great, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tenth floor overlooking the ocean at the Main Beach end of the coast. Tennis court, pool, hottub in the building and being the end of winter the place was pretty quiet, particularly during the week. As we had arranged I’d have the place to myself for a few days and Rachel, Taz and myself would catch up on Wednesday night when they would drive down from Brisbane and they’d spend a few days.

On Tuesday morning I went for a bit of an explore, the Gold Coast Indy car race was held over the weekend so the track was still setup which was fun to walk around. What I was really impressed with though were the number of guys I saw in speedos!!! At the Main Beach Surf Life Saving Club (which is a few hundred meters from the apartment building) I was greeted with an incredibly hot mid twenties guy showering off wearing a navy blue speedo. He was so gorgeous I had to compose myself before I dropped my shorts and went for a swim in my red speedo. After my swim I used the same shower and hopefully gave someone else the kind of view that I had experienced earlier.

Around lunch time I grabbed one of the bikes that were in the condo and rode over to the broadwater where they have a fenced in swimming area. They fence it off to keep the bull sharks out. While I was there, swimming swimming some lengths in my red speedos, I saw two more hot young guys strip down to speedos and swim some lengths.

I hadn’t seen a guy swimming in board shorts so far, well done Queensland!!!

When I got home I was so turned on by all this speedo eye candy I wanted to jump on Grindr and see if I could get some of these hot guys over for some fun, but Rachel had a plan for Wednesday night and I had to somehow contain my urges and refrain from any naughty activity, even with myself.

I managed, barely.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening, there was a knock at the door and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I could finally empty the full load of cum that I had been holding back for two days.

I was wearing the new red speedo that Paul the Politician had given me (you can read about that on my blog). The lycra in the front of the speedo was stretched tight by raging hardon and there was evidence of a little bit of precum oozing through the sheer red material.

Opening the door, I was greeted with Rachel and Taz, just as I had seen them in their photos…. wearing matching Budgy Smuggler swimwear. Rachel in a bikini, Taz in a speedo. Taz’s erection wasn’t at full mast but there was no hiding his bulge in the little Aussie speedo.

They had parked in the underground carpark, stripped down and caught the elevator up. Just imagine if you, or anyone, had pressed the elevator button and the doors had opened to this hot, early thirties couple.

Greetings were warm and the three of us were happy to finally meet in person and a little relieve that we were all what we said we were and looked like the photos we had exchanged. Although it was technically their home, I asked them in and poured some drinks. The three of us, clad only in our swimwear headed out to the deck overlooking the ocean and being ten stories above the ground, was very private.

There was some small talk but that isn’t why we were all here, small talk wasn’t why three strangers had just met each other in person for the first time wearing so little.

I asked Rachel about her first bisexual experience.

She had told me a little bit about it and went in to some pretty hot detail. The girl was someone they followed on Twitter and their meeting followed a similar script to how the three of us were meeting up now. It was hot hearing about it, Taz was thinking the same as I was by the look of the now full bulge in his speedo.

Seeing Taz so horny I thought that this was a good time to start things off.

I suggested to Taz that since he got to watch his fiance go down on a girl, it is only fair that he does the same. And with that, I pulled the front of my red speedos down and pulled my cock and balls over the drawstring.

Speedo BLowjob

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