Threesome Stories

I just got back from catching up with my old Fuck Buddy (read yesterday’s post for more info).  It was great to see her, she is super awesome and kicking arse in her life and career and sounded happy in her relationship although the guy needs to up his game a little bit if you ask me.

Enough about me reminiscing, what I want to talk about in today’s post is threesome experiences.

Last night my old Fuck Buddy brought along a work colleague of hers to dinner, I’m going to call her Anne (not her real name and I’m calling her Anne because her English accent reminds me of a friends of mines English Mum who was called Anne).  It sounded like my Fuck Buddy was trying to set me up with Anne before we all even met and I looked up Anne and she looked kinda cute.  When I picked them up for dinner, Anne looked smashing!!!

Everyone was in a great mood and the conversation flowed and I think Anne was interested in me but I wasn’t sure how the logistics were going to play out since the girls were working.  That probably made me much cooler because I wasn’t really thinking about getting into Anne’s pants.

The Fuck Buddy knows about my work and is totally cool with it and it came up in conversation and I told a funny story about a couple who run a swingers site that I’ve met, maybe one day I’ll share that story here with you guys.  That is how the topic of threesomes came up.  While readers of this blog are familiar with my view on threesomes – I BLOODY LOVE THEM!!!  I try and play it much cooler in the real world.  This part of the conversation Anne was more than happy to talk all about – the Fuck Buddy and I had discussed our views and experiences in the past so we didn’t need to rehash that.

Anne said that she had experienced one threesome with what became a boyfriend.  The third party was a girl, one of her good friends.  As Anne went into a little bit of detail about the experience (nothing pornographic, just explaining who went first and who came second) I was feeling a stir in my jeans.

The experience Anne had was something she wasn’t a fan of, turned out that both the girls had a crush on the guy and they both felt that by having a threesome they could nab him as a boyfriend.  I don’t think either girl was interested in any girl/girl contact which has to make it hard.  My best 2 guy threesomes have been when the other guy doesn’t mind or even more better, wants to have some guy/guy contact.

Shame to hear of a threesome that didn’t go down as an Earth shatteringly horny experience but even I’ve had some ones that weren’t great.

I am still yet to have my first girl/girl/ME threesome and maybe I won’t be able to accomplish all around satisfaction either…. but I am looking forward to trying.

By the way – I have an amazing two girl threesome movie featuring the guy in a speedo and the two girls in one piece swimsuits over on

FFM ThreesomeFMF ThreesomeTwo Girl Threesome

Supergirl and Aquaman

Speedo Costume - Aqua Man

Keenan has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Katie for several years. They first met at a costume party where Katie was dressed as Black Widow while Keenan was in a Hawkeye costume. They immediately hit it off with their common love for superhero comics and became inseparable by the end of the night. One thing led to another and before long, they entered a relationship.

Every year, Halloween was a major milestone for them. They always make it a point to dress in a matching outfit for festivities… Napping them several prizes for best costumes. Storm and Black Panther… Wonder Woman and Batman… But this year it was a little bit different.

Keenan had always had a huge fantasy crush on Supergirl. Something about how Supergirl embodies the perfect girl to date. He’s always fantasized about dressing up as Superman and Supergirl with Katie… Just the thought of Katie all decked out in the Supergirl costume brings a huge grin to his face. He decided that this would be the year that this fantasy comes true.

When Keenan approached Katie about the idea, she acted all reluctant. Only after much convincing, she agreed to dressing as Supergirl… on the condition that she gets to pick Keenan’s costume. She was in reality okay with dressing as Supergirl, but she figured that this was an opportune time to fulfill her own fantasy of seeing Keenan in a speedo!

She refused to reveal the costume she had picked out for Keenan as she knew that he would definitely back out. Keenan had been a firm believer of boardshorts, and worn them during all their trips to the beach. Keenan always had knee-height tan lines after long summer vacations. Katie was determined to turn Keenan around. Katie had picked out a pair of aqua blue speedos with sequins on them. She intends to pass them off as an ‘Aquaman’ costume… Keenan would be too distracted by her Supergirl outfit to protest going to the Halloween party.

Just before the Halloween party, Keenan met Katie at her apartment to change into their costumes. When Katie revealed the ‘Aquaman’ costume to Keenan, he blushed into a deep shade of red. The brief pair of speedos was the smallest thing he had ever worn… He had always been a boxers kind of guy. But a deal was a deal. If he backed out now, Katie wouldn’t go to the party as Supergirl and… certainly it was worth it?

Katie looked stunning in the Supergirl costume. Her brown hair really complimented the outfit even though the comic character was a blonde. Reluctantly, Keenan slipped off his clothes and put on his aquamarine speedos and assumed the identity of ‘Aquaman’! It was tight-fitting, especially around the crotch but it really provided him with support that no boxer could. While his junk is mildly exposed, he rationalised that it was okay as Katie’s cleavage was also slightly accentuated by her Supergirl top. Keenan was going to put on a pair of shorts while he drove to the party, but Katie quickly convinced him otherwise. If Katie had to wear her costume in full to the party, then so should he! But she consented and said she would bring his belongings to the car so that he could change on the way back. While Keenan was making his necessary tucks and adjustments, Katie quietly packed away Keenan’s clothes in her room… She’s going to feast her eye’s on Keenan’s sexy body for as long as she can!

Leaving Katie’s apartment as just ‘Aquaman’, Keenan felt really self-conscious. Every slight gust of wind in the air was felt all over his body. Not to mention… the autumn weather wasn’t too warm. His nipples were hard before he even entered the car. On route to the party, Katie made it a point to wave and say ‘Hi’ to nearby cars, which mortified Keenan. He was so worried that they would notice him in his ‘Aquaman’ costume… and indeed, his suspicions were founded.

At the party, apart from some initial sexual remarks tossed at him, Keenan blended right into the crowd with the eclectic mix of costumes. He also grew more comfortable with his costume, and began to really consider wearing speedos to the recreational pool during his next visit. The outfit was also paying off for him, gaining him more attention from Katie than usual. Her gentle touch left a tingling and lingering sensation on his bare body… leading him to crave for more. Before long, the night was over and Keenan was ready to send Katie back home.

Keenan was about to change into his street clothes, when he realised that his bag wasn’t in his car. Katie had a mischievous grin on her face. She pulled on a hoodie and hopped into the passenger seat, waiting for Keenan to get in next to her. Realizing that this is all a set-up, Keenan got into the car, and grinned.

“I really enjoyed tonight. I might really consider wearing speedos to the pool next time. Can you help me get a pair?”

Katie smiled. She knew just the pair to get him: a brief red pair of speedos with 2 inch sides. She can only imagine how irresistible Keenan would look in them. She closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss… But instead, she felt Keenan unzipping and removing her hoodie.

“If I have to head to your house in costume, then so should you!”

Speedo Costume - Aqua Man

Swapping Girlfriends

I was going through some site stats earlier today and noticed how popular the story of My First Threesome is.  It is really cool that you guys enjoy it, it was enjoyable to do and it is an experience that still gives me a boner thinking about it.

With that in mind, I found a new story that I think you guys might like.

Let me know what you think.

My first girlfriend swap when I was still in high school . My best friend and I always hung out together and went to parties together and he was a great wing-man when picking up girls.

One time we were both dating girls named Angie. This at the time was funny because there faces looked alike but there bodies where just the opposite of each other. My best friends girlfriend was short, really big tits and a nice round ass. He also told me that she had such big nipples and a very hairy pussy. Now my girlfriend on the other hand was taller, small tits and nipples. She had such a small and tight ass, but her pussy was shaved and so smooth.

He and I would always talk about this together and then we had the two meet each other, they instantly became friends, which was cool. All four of us were always hanging out together after this. One Saturday night we happen to be at my girlfriends house. She was having a party that night, so we all were hanging out and playing some drinking games. We were all getting wasted at the time. When the party was finally over she told us that her parents had a cool bed with mirrors over it, so u can see yourself when you were sleeping. We all went up to see this, it was cool we were all laying on the bed looking up at each other. Then I started to touch my Angie and he started to touch his Angie.

I was kissing my gf and he was kissing his girl. The girls were a little nervous but we settled them down real fast, plus we were all so drunk. Then I started to undress my girl and he was undressing his girl. Before we knew it we were all naked and rubbing all over. Then, I looked over to my friend and told him we should eat out our girlfriends at the same time, he said sounds cool. So I went down on mine and he went down on his .

The girls where laying side by side with their legs up as we were licking their wet pussies. They were laughing at first then they started to get into it. Started to moan together. It was so fucking hot. Then I looked over and said to my friend you were right your Angie does have a hairy pussy. Then he looked over and said that I was right and that my girlfriend pussy was shaved.

I’m not sure who said it first but we just said hey,do u want to try mine and I will try yours. Of course we said yes.

The girls said what? We said we want to switch and try the others sweet pussy. They hesitated at first, but they were both horny and we easily convinced them into letting us switch. Then I moved over to lick his gf and he moved over to lick my gf. We began to eat fast and hard. We looked at each other and said this was cool and asked if the girls liked it, they moaned, yesss.

Then I looked at my gf and I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock, she said yes. I then laid on my back and then my friend soon followed. They got between our legs as my gf sucked me and his gf sucked him. Then they asked us since we switch could they switch sucking us.

We said sure why not. So they switch as his gf was sucking my cock and then my gf was sucking his cock. This was so hot as we could look up and see them sucking us.

After a few minutes, I told my gf I wanted to fuck her. She said she wanted me to. So I told her to get doggie as I began to fuck her hard then my friend got his gf and was fucking her doggie. We were side by side, high-five’ing each other, this was so great.

Then I looked at him and said u want to switch again, he said why not. We switch as I was fingering his gf and he was fucking my gf. We were again high-five’ing each other, after a few minutes we switched back again. I was fucking my gf so hard and he was fucking his harder now. We were both in rhythm together as we were fucking our girlfriends. This was so cool. Then I pulled my cock out and came all over my girl’s ass as he then did the same on his girlfriend. We then laid down by our girlfriends as we all talked and smiled each other and talked about how fun this was.

Two Couples Having Sex

Amanda’s Story

Hi, my name is Amanda – not my real name but it will work for this – I’m a long time fan of Dave Speedo Evans and last weekend I had a chance to meet him, seduce him, fuck him and have a 3some with him.  One of Dave’s requests before we met was if we did fool around, that I would write about it for his blog.  So here I am, sitting in a hotel room writing about my weekend with the infamous Aussie Speedo Guy.


My name is Amanda, you already know that, I am in my late 20’s, I’m from New Jersey (no we are not all like the Jersey Shore morons), I went to college at CSU (which is in Colorado) where I was a walk on for the swim team.  Colorado doesn’t produce too many elite swimmers as you can imagine.  Right now I’m kinda between careers so I’ve taken a 12 months sebatical and travelling around Australia.  From here I will head up into Asian for a few months and if nothing else happens I will head back to the states and resume being a grown-up.

Dave Speedo Evans

I first heard about Dave Speedo Evans 2 years ago. A gay friend of mine is a ski instructor in Colorado and over lunch we were talking about our love lives and he had met Dave Speedo Evans in the mountains and by the sounds of it had a pretty wild night with Dave and his friend Kip.  I was given the website address of Dave’s blog and I’ve been a casual reader ever since.  I have several gay friends and although I do not think I am a fag hag, hanging out with gay guys can sometimes be easier than hanging out with straight guys.

The only people I know in Australia are old family friends in Melbourne, I thought I would reach out to Dave Speedo Evans and say ‘gidday’.  I emailed Dave Speedo Evans about 2 months ago and mentioned my ski instructor friend and that I might be passing through Terrigal/Newcastle/Gosford on my drive from Brisbane (where I flew in) and Melbourne (where I am planning on being based).

I couldn’t believe how nice the reply was that I received from Dave Speedo Evans.  We became Facebook friends and as my trip approached I planned to spend a weekend at his place.  That description might make it sound scary but we did have a mutual friend and if Dave Speedo Evans was a creeper I could just move on down the road.

My Fantasy

I am 100% straight, have never had anything but vanilla sex (one guy and me).  Of course I think everybody has fantasies, even if they never intend on fulfilling them.

I enjoyed reading about Dave Speedo Evans exploits and was particularly engrossed in his deflowering of Alex, the straight guy who was fucking Dave Speedo Evans while he was maintaining (and living with) a girlfriend.  The story of Dave Speedo Evans first threesome was the first story I read and I was enthawled as well as being a little turned on.

Talking about my fantasies is something I have never done, even to past boyfriends and the only reason I am writing about them here is because of the anonymity that the internet provides.

Speedos in themselves aren’t a big thing for me, growing up swimming guys wore speedos.  I would prefer to see an attractive man in a speedo vs board shorts but too often it is the unattractive men that are wearing speedos.  I’m not interested in girls, at all.  I’ve never kissed a girl and have no intention on doing so.  Now that I have the negatives out of the way…. the idea of 2 guys, 2 cocks, 2 tongues and 4 hands sounds like nirvana.  I have never tried it, and I have never been close to executing a 2 guy threesome.

Now that I am in Australia I am hoping to try new things, shrimp on the barbie, surfing, scuba diving and a 2 guy threesome?

Coming into this trip, pulling off a 2 guy threesome isn’t a thing that I’d know how to make happen BUT since I’m going to hang out with the infamous Dave Speedo Evans, it might actually be in the realm of possibility.  Sitting on the plane for 14 hours I didn’t assume this was a done deal, Dave Speedo Evans might be a dooche, or an 80yo man and look nothing like his photos… but you never know.

Arriving in Australia

So far Australia has been really easy, I spent a week in Brisbane, bought a car (white 2012 Camry), setup a bank account and got my new phone provider arranged (Telstra).  Driving on the wrong side of the road is not as challenging as I expected with the exception of the roundabouts which I need to think about.

Leaving Brisbane I stopped at Fingal Beach as per Dave Speedo Evans advice, had fish and chips at Lennox Head watching dolfins from the headland and spent 2 nights in Byron Bay.  It sounds as though Dave Speedo Evans doesn’t like Byron Bay but I thought it was cute and it was nice to be on the ocean.  Thursday morning I jumped in my old person Camry and pointed towards Terrigal and Dave Speedo Evans…..  I was feeling a little nervous.

Dave Speedo Evans

My phone GPS and the directions he gave me lead me right to Dave Speedo Evans front door.  Which was completely open.  Dave Speedo Evans had told me the door is usually open and to just let myself in.

I am from the east coast, you don’t leave your house open to the world so I still knocked and called out without any response….. I walked in.  The house is pretty small, obviously just an old beach vacation cabin but it is RIGHT ON THE OCEAN.  No joking, the rear door opens onto grass which tapers to sand which tapers to ocean.  As I entered Dave Speedo Evans house I could see through to the ocean and a guy sitting in a lazy boy out on the grass.  He was wearing a pair of board shorts, Colorado Rockies baseball cap (my Dad likes baseball and I went to college in Colorado), shirtless, laptop on his lap and a beer next to him.

My friend who had hooked up with Dave Speedo Evans said that he was pretty hot and 100% straight acting and that is pretty much what I thought when I saw him for the first time.