A Naughty Girl

The chick in the pictures below is Lindsay Love (I think), she was a bit of an amateur cam girl when I first started enjoying her videos and she has become a bit more of a professional porn actress these days.

What first drew my attention to her was videos of her rimming her boyfriend.  It was pretty hot.

Since this young couple have gone more hardcore porn I haven’t enjoyed it as much but I really hope she fucks her boyfriend with this strap on!!!

Lindsay Love with a Strap OnStrap on chickChick with a Strap OnStrap On Lindsay Love

Blue Swimsuits

Last week I posted a bunch of pics of guys wearing blue speedos on my blog AussieSpeedoGuy.org, so I thought why not post a bunch of pics of chicks wearing blue lycra swimsuits as well.

Which do you prefer?  Guys or girls?  I like them both just as much, but I like them together ever more – hehehehe..

Thong Swimsuit

Happy Thong Thursday everybody!!!

For some reason I didn’t think that these one piece swimsuits counted for Thong Thursday but I kinda think they do. Thong Thursday isn’t just exclusive to Thong Bikinis, it is thongs in general.

Now that I’ve overcome this, I will be posting more women in one piece thong swimsuits which I personally think are really hot.

Black Thong One Piece