Thong Thursday

I saw this on the Twitter the other day, guys posting a Thong Thursday and I thought it would be a great idea.

The pic below is my favourite thong photo of all time.

Since I love wearing speedos in the pool and at the beach, I’m not really much of a thong guy for practical reasons but when wore correctly, they look fantastic.

Over on the, I’ve added a Thong forum at the request of some of the members.  Head over check it out and contribute if you are interested.  Joining the forum is free, just register and shoot me an email so I can activate your account (had to start that process to keep spam off the forum).

I do own one thong, just a classic black one.  In the spirit of Thong Thursday, I think I’m going to wear it all day.

Male G-String Bikini

And a white thong for you guys……

White Wicked Weasel Thong

Old Fuck Buddy

Tonight I’m going out to dinner with an old friend of mine who is passing through town.  We actually were fuck buddies years and years ago for about 2 months before she left town on a work assignment.

The fuck buddy thing worked really well, we were both single, she knew about the work transfer in 2 months and wasn’t interested in beginning a new relationship and we both liked to party and fuck.  Since then we have never slept together and she is currently in a long term relationship and there is no hint of us doing any hanky panky.

I have a couple of memories of our time as a fuck buddy and I’ll share one with you guys, I was out of town during that time for something and flying back into Sydney my fuck buddy said she’d pick me up since she was headed up to my place.  Being on that flight I was unbelievably horny the entire time thinking of what we’d get up to once we got back to my place.  I’m pretty sure I had to carry my laptop bag in front of my crotch as I walked off the plane.

Anyway, I think it is pretty cool that we were fuck buddies and have remained friends.  So much so that my fuck buddy is travelling with a work friend of hers which she is trying to set me up with.


I’ve never been to an American Gridiron (NFL) game.  I think Kip is on the waiting list for some Denver Broncos tickets but when I’ve been in Colorado it is all about snowboarding, hottubing and speedo sex of course.

I really don’t understand gridiron but I am impressed that there are still cheerleaders – for a completely chauvinististic thing to still exists in our PC world I think it is awesome!!!

So, the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders were in Mexico recently and here is some photos of these beautiful women.  I’m told they are volunteers – it isn’t a paid position – that is amazing!!!

If there are any girls or couples out there who would wear this Denver Broncos Cheerleaders swimsuit, I’m sure I can find one.

Broncos Bikini

May the 4th…. be with you

I missed May the 4th in Australia (it is a play on words from the Star Wars… May the Force be with you) but I am posting this now because it is only midday in Colorado.

I’m up early working with Kip on a few things.  I really have a full day of work ahead of me and I’d really like to get out on the beach or get to the pool for some laps but that might not happen.  Maybe a run this afternoon.

Enjoy this ‘Star Wars’ themed porn – I’ve posted some gay Star Wars porn over on my other blog –,

Storm Trooper Blowjob