Clear sky and a clear head

This morning I woke up to a blemishless blue sky and everything was white after nearly 10″ of snow over the weekend.

It was Thursday since we had a clear sky, and it was Thursday since I woke up with a clear head. Man did we party this weekend. Nothing too naughty just one after another. Friday night was just hottub and went out for a few beers which turned into a session that didn’t finish until 4am back at the hottub – just Kip and myself.

Then Saturday night some neighbours of Kip’s came around after dinner. There were thoughts of going out but I looked at the clock and it was already 2am. Later, much later, it ended up myself and this couple that live down the street. At one point I thought that things were going to develop into something x-rated but they didn’t. I saw the couple the next day and everyone was feeling a bit rough.

But, all that is behind us and Kip and I got first tracks this morning and I’m looking forward to getting some boarding in this week and not drinking as much, or actually maybe not at all until Friday.

Any of you guys get up to anything naughty?

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....