Colorado Bound

I’m up early today guy because I’m flying out to Colorado to see Kip – for those of who who don’t know, Kip is my server admin. We are also speedo buddies – hehehe. Fringe benefits of working for Dave Evans.

I’ve never been out that way in summer and Kip told me last night that the leaves are right on the verge of changing so it should be pretty.

I haven’t booked my return ticket so I’ll probably spend a week or so out there. Last time I was out in Colorado it was April and Kip and I also got to play with this couple (gay couple) from Denver and I think they are coming up to the mountains this weekend. I’ve had a bit of a dry run but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is about to change.

One other thing about staying with Kip is that we do get a lot of work done when we are under the same roof. Right now we are working on adding a whole bunch of HD movies to which I’m excited about BUT there are some technical issues making sure that the downloads remain as fast as they are right now.

Speaking of movies – this is one of the movies that I’ve already made up the HD version of – it is a 5 guy blowjob train…..

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....