Condom use with a str8 guy?

Last Friday when Alex came over we really were like a pair of horny rabbits.

Alex was super horny, I’d had a shower and was in a speedo ready for him to fuck me.

It was probably the closest I’ve gone to letting someone fuck me without a condom.  Don’t worry, we didn’t, I took the three seconds to put a rubber on Alex before he slid inside my lubed ass.

It got me thinking, do you guys play unprotected these days?  I’ve always been pretty anal regarding condom use and I can say that I’ve never been fucked by a guy without a condom.  I have shagged one girl without a condom but we had been dating for a few months.

Alex is a slightly different case because he is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend and he has never had unprotected sex with a guy either.

I don’t mind fucking with a condom so I won’t be changing my view on things in the near future but would be interested to hear what you guys get up to.

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One thought on “Condom use with a str8 guy?

  1. I would prefer to have sex with condom on. In my case it’s mostly the paranoia of getting HIV and other STDs. I used to fantasise about raw sex but after went through two times of prescribed anti-HIV medication, I would usually settle on protected sex.

    However, via my blogwalking, there are many still prefer bareback and they seems fine with it. It’s about preference I suppose, for me I just can’t bear having to always think about am I at risk of something.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....