Cute Aussie Speedo Guy

Long time readers of my blog will have seen pics of this Aussie Speedo Guy Shannon.  He is super hot and has been posting pics of himself looking amazing in speedos and AussieBums on and off for the last decade or so.

I think he is just gorgeous.  He was in London when I was there back in September and I reached out to him but he didn’t reply and we have never had any direct contact.

He did fuck the famous ‘Hawaii Speedo Student‘ when he was travelling in the USA a few years ago and I have to admit to fantasizing about watching those two guys fucking in speedos.  I’ve also fantastized about joining those two guys in a speedo threesome – OMG, I’ve got a stirring in my speedos at the mention of that.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some photos of Shannon so you guys can get a stirring in your speedo.

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Shannon Boh's Red SpeedoShannon Boh in Speedos

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....