Cute Couples (in speedos of course)

I just remembered that I haven’t sat down and told you guys about this years ‘Speedo Only Party’ that Kip hosted in Breckenridge a few weeks ago.

In years past there has been a bit of debauchery later in the evening which we are hoping for tonight.  My favourite thing about the Speedo Only Party is the straight guys in speedos and just how much the girls love seeing all of us guys in speedos.

In the spirit of promoting guys to wear speedos, I love sharing photos of girls who are hanging out with speedo guys.

Today I was going through a bunch of these photos and it is becoming quite a library of pics (nearly 200).  I’ve just finished compiling the archive which is now available to members.

If you are interested, membership is only $5.  I created the members area to share some more private details of my adventures which I don’t want to be 100% public.  And I publish all of my selfies in there as well.  Click here to become a member.

This first photo is of me…. I’m the one in the speedo.

Girl Rubbing Speedo Cock

Here just a sampling (10%) of the new archive.

1 thought on “Cute Couples (in speedos of course)

  1. Can hardly believe this. I had a wonderful dream last night about me getting a big boner wearing a pair of speedos. So I go online today and discover your amazing site. Like you, I am bisexual …look forward to exploring your site. I am Italian. Kiss.

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