Dave Misses Out

Well after all my effort over the weekend I have missed out.

Despite still txt’ing Karen it doesn’t look like I’ll get to close that deal and I have been talking on MSN with a local guy who just happens to be a local lifeguard but I haven’t managed to get him around either.

I think I should have gone to Sydney over the weekend for the Mardi Gras – I’m sure I would have had a better chance of getting laid.

So I’m sitting around the house today in my speedos very, very, very horny but nobody to share it with.


1 thought on “Dave Misses Out

  1. Dave,

    Damien from 2 Cents Worth Down Under – I would love to profile you as a bisexual man – relationships / sex etc – would you be interested?

    If so – email me from the blog mate 🙂


Let me know what you are thinking mate.....