Alex and I did receive a few offers for company last night in Byron Bay and as usual 90% of them read something like this:

Hey Dave, would love to play with you and Alex. Email me.

You are dreamin’!!!  It is too much effort to tell us a little bit about yourself?  Include a photo or two?  If you sent us a message that read like that, I probably didn’t even bother to read it all before deleting it.  If you are too lazy to send through a photo of yourself, then I’m too lazy to organize for you to fuck Alex’s super tight arse.

Thankfully, some guys did send proper emails and Alex and I met up with two guys from the UK who are on a holiday and are in Byron for a week.  One of the guys is a member of and reads this blog daily so he couldn’t believe it when Alex and I were passing through.  The guys were a couple that play together, str8 acting, early 30’s, fit and loved speedos – perfect combination for a leg of our Sex Safari.

We did take some photos when we got back to their hotel room but I’m not sure what I am and am not willing to publish, if I do it will be in the members area.

If you want to read about what happened (turned out to be 1,100 words)…. for just $5 you can join and read all about it.

Foursome Sex

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....