Girls of American Pie

American Pie was a movie that came out just as I was in the middle of puberty and it rang true to me in soooo many ways.  Yes, I had lots of embarassing moments as a horny teenager and I was horny as hell.  I’m not sure how I passed high school because all I thought of is sex.

All I think of these days is sex too, good thing I chose a job that allows me to do that.

Although I lost my gay virginity 2 (nearly 3) years before I lost my str8 virginity, I still considered myself 100% str8 at the time and the handful of times I messed around with guys which was mostly oral and just jerking off, was caused more because I was just sooooo horny.

The interesting this is that I’ve heard from a couple of gay guys that they were pushed towards their homosexual side because they were horny and it was easier to mess around with guys.  I’m not at all saying these guys aren’t really gay, one guy in particular is an openly gay guy and very happy in his own skin but I thought it was interesting that he admits that if he had the same sexual opportunities with women as men when he was younger that it might have taken him longer to ‘come out’.

Anyway, I saw these pics of the American Pie girls and I wanted to post these pics and it got me thinking about that time in my life.

American Pie GirlsAmerican PieAmerican Pie Women

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....