Great Friday…. so far

Sorry for missing a few days of posting, just been busy here and there is a long weekend coming up here in the US which I had forgotten about so I’ll have a nice quiet weekend in front of the laptop.

I do have to tell you guys about to today though. The weather here has been super warm and gorgeous and Kip and I have been riding up high and it doesn’t feel like February at all.  A few years ago I gave Kip a snowmobile as a bonus/rent and today we took it out.  What a day!!!

Speedo Snowmobile

That made the day pretty awesome…. but Kip has told me that he has some activities tonight for me which he is looking forward to.

Sounds interesting and he didn’t let me fuck him this morning so I’m pretty sure it has something to do with sex.

As I write this post Kip has put a chair in the middle of his living room and some rope……

I’ll tell you guys what happens tomorrow.

Tied up in speedosSpeedo Bondage

1 thought on “Great Friday…. so far

  1. I think bondage is soooo hot! I took a look at this site because I liked the name and found I really enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....