Gruen Planet

I just found out that I was on TV – it was the Gruen Planet (it is a media watch kind of program – I do watch it but I missed that episode). Would have been funny if a bunch of my str9 mates were in the house when it came on and mentioned Dave Evans, the bisexual blogger – I’m not sure I would have been able to contain myself and just start dancing saying “THAT’s ME!!!!”

I’m pretty sure my folks watch it but I don’t think they’ll put the two together. The comment on the TV show was “Who else wears speedos but gay guys!!!” and a general consensus that the blog was doing good things for the ‘Speedo’ brand.

I did recieve an email from the Evil Speedo Corporations lawyers. I can program in 4 different languages but this thing reads like double-dutch to me. I have no idea what it means other than it is bad. They want the domain name so for the last few months I’ve been running this site on – in the next 24hrs Kip will change it over so only the new one works.

This way hopefully anyone who has this in their favourites will be able to update it.

One thing I did pick up in the legal jargon was that the judge didn’t read my email to him. He did receive it but he chose not to read it. A quote from the judge “Little reliance can, in any event, be placed upon email communications.” But through the whole thing they quoted this blog – which was evidence but a personal email (which is pretty easy to trace) to the judge was not admissable. Strange.

Anyway, the Speedo Corporation are going to send me a bill for legal costs as well. Perhaps I’ll just have to quote the judge and tell them that little reliance can be placed upon emails so they can deliver the bill in person. If they deliver the bill in person I’ll be able to give them my snowboard, my laptop, the shirt off my back and the speedos I’ll be wearing.

All good fun if it wasn’t so serious.

Here are some guys wearing ‘Speedo Brand’ speedos.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....