How often do you masturbate?

So far this morning I have masturbated 4 times, twice Kip and twice myself – hahaha.

I saw this article posted on one of the blogs I read about James Franco jerking off 4 or 5 times a day on occasion.

You guys know that I’m a habitual masturbator. I think the most for me in a 24 hour period is definitely more than double digits. On a normal day I’m at least 2, probably normally around 3 or 4. I find when I’m busy and obviously when I have people around I don’t get to jerk off as much but if I have the house to myself then it is on. Probably a good thing I don’t have an office job.

I don’t think I find too much different between living in a warm climate vs cold climate. When I’m wearing speedos around the house all day I’m probably going to jerk off a little more but that kinda happens whether I’m living on the beach or on the snow.

Interested to hear your thoughts guys.

Here is the quote from James Franco:

I spend a fair amount of time alone, especially when I travel maybe to something like this or for work or whatever, but I’m in hotels a lot for a lot of my life. And I don’t mind it because I have a lot of stuff to do on my own. I have a lot of reading to do for school or whatever. [pause, laughs] You asked! So, when I’m alone, I do masturbate a lot. I don’t know why. It’s like you have those days where it’s just like, I have a ton of writing to do, or a ton of reading to do, and you’re just like, OK, I’m going to be on the couch all day or in bed all day just doing that… I tend to have a four- or five-time day. [breaks out laughing] So, I probably would have if I was stuck under a rock.

I don’t really like James Franco so instead of posting pics of him, I’ll post some pics of guys masturbating or close to it.

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Let me know what you are thinking mate.....