I need a new thong

I haven’t had a ‘Thong Thursday’ post for a while.  Funny that during winter I would wear my thong more (for naughty purposes) but in summer I have just been wearing speedos.

Perhaps I need to buy a thong for the beach.  The black thong I have now isn’t really suitable for the beach, it has no drawstring and the material is pretty flimsy.  Any suggestions?

Male Black Thong

1 thought on “I need a new thong

  1. Very nice thong indeed mate! By the way that sexy butt of yours in it+your visible tightly wrapped manhood, proved to be an excellent jerk off material, I’ve been horny all day. Oh my what would I do If I would have the chance to play with those family jewels and that wonderful cock of yours….. seems you really pushed all my buttons with this pic, Dave.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....