I’m not a prostitute

Monday here in Australia and I’m excited for a big week of work.  Kip and I always have a long list of projects which seems never to get any shorter, the more we work, the more things we want to try and do.

First thing most days I check my emails and try to immediately reply to any members who have touched base.

There is the usual fan mail which I usually don’t reply to at all, there is just too much and I want to keep replying to members who support me.  One fan mail I received last week was some guy, completely out of the blue pretty much offering to pay me for sex….

I am not a prostitute.  And I hope I’ve never given that idea.

When I called the guy out on it he said “I was just going to pay membership in cash.”  Yeah, whatever mate.

There have been many times I’ve caught up with long time members.  Sometimes, just meeting for a beer, sometimes meeting at the beach, sometimes meeting for sex but all of those meetings were with long time members who had become friends over a long time.

That is my rant for the week – hahahaha.

One of the member emails I received this morning was from a new member saying he wanted to see the gallery that Taz and Rachel sent me before we hooked up.  So here is that gallery……

There are some naughty pictures that we took during our recent fun but so far we haven’t decided to publish those photos.  I might try and edit them up to protect every ones privacy and maybe I can publish them.Amateur Speedo Guy

If you are seeing this you aren’t a member (or you are a member who just forgot to login).

Don’t you want to see Taz in his speedos?  Most of the photos are vacation photos and Taz loves wearing speedos…..  C’mon, I know you want to see them, click here to join now.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....