Jaime’s Wicked Weasel

My passion for Wicked Weasel bikini’s began years ago when I knew a girl who loved to wear them.  This girl also loved for me to be wearing speedos.

Turns out that Jaime’ has heard of Wicked Weasel but never had one.  I thought that maybe I would get her one and it arrived today.

I had forgotten just how tiny they are.  I’m not sure I’ll get any footage of Jaime wearing hers but I’m looking forward to seeing her in them.  They definitely require a nice short ‘haircut’ down ‘there’.

1 thought on “Jaime’s Wicked Weasel

  1. Dave — as you my have gathered, I love all you do, but the particular thrill is the bi side………love all your stuff with Jaime, and totally applaud you for writing it up.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....