Locker Room Speedo Selfies

It feels like I haven’t left the Australian summer the weather is so nice here…. that isn’t exactly what I want though being here for snowboarding.

After some turns this morning with Kip I went to the pool for a swim.

While I’m loving these new Arena speedos, they are just a little bit too skimpy for lap swimming.  Particularly when I’m the only one at the pool wearing a speedo.  So today I wore a pair of square cut shorts over them to maintain some level of modesty for these poor anti-speedo Americans.

After my swim I did take some more selfies for you guys…. of course members of this blog and get to see all of my selfies.  Interested in joining?  It really is worth it – click here to join now.Locker Room Speedo Selfies

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....