Model Shoot

In my line of work (adult webmaster is my official title), I have a few mates who are also in the business although most of them are on the str8 side of the business.  I have a few hilarious stories that I can’t really share here that I would love to.

That gets me thinking, I have a friend and her husband run a swingers website, I might ask them if I can share some of our stories (not necessarily naughty, just funny).

The other day, another webmaster that I help out with some tech stuff send me through some pics of his latest model…..

I love my work (gay speedo porn), but I’m a little jealous of his work too – hahaha.

He introduced 23yo Jessica as: This chick is looking to began a career as an adult actress and she is up for ANYTHING!!!

Just sit for a minute and imagine what ANYTHING means……




2 thoughts on “Model Shoot

  1. Well done as always dave.when you said anything my imagination did run wild.thankyou for the late night hard on.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....