Mr. Red Speedos

Yesterday Alex and I did catch up for a swim at the pool, no we didn’t suck each other off in the change rooms, that might have been a one off, would be pretty embarrassing to be caught by someone else or the staff….. not so much for me but definitely for Alex.

As we got out of the pool and dried off, Alex directed my attention to this guy, maybe a couple of years younger than us, who dropped his towel about 10m from us and stripped down to a red speedo!!!

I wasn’t gobsmacked by his red speedos, most guys wear speedos at the pool, I’ve worn my red speedo and I’ve seen other guys in red speedos, what was amazing was how hot this guy was!!!  alex and I tried not to stare but on the way out of the pool we both agreed that we want to fuck that guy.  So, if you were at the pool on Tuesday at about half 12, was wearing a red speedo….. the two guys wearing black speedos about 6 lanes over would like to fuck you – hahahaha.

Red Speedo ButtClassic Blue SpeedoSpeedo Squat

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....