Nude Couple

It has been ages since I shagged a girl.  I did get to shag Kip’s sister but it was part of a threesome.  I forgot to write that story up and I really think I should if you guys are interested.

Getting gay sex is sooooo much easier than str8 sex.  I wonder how str8 guys handle it.

Off to update my Grindr profile…..

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3 thoughts on “Nude Couple

  1. We didn’t forget about your encounter with kips sister after you bought her wicked weasels! Would LOVE to hear the story Dave.

  2. Hi Dave, I live out near Batemans bay and married for seven. For a few years now the wife and I talk fantasy and nothing turns her on more than me talking about bi sex and even now thinking about it my cock is aching it’s that hard just thinking about touching and caressing my fingers on a thick swollen shaft loving for the opportunity to get on my knees and have a thick cock being forced down my throat

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....