Off to the pool, with Alex and Surfer Chick

A quick post before I head off to the pool for a swim.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that Surfer Chick noticed a pair of AussieBum speedos in my shower and I told her that I swim a bunch.  She swam in high school and since it isn’t ideal surfing weather she said she’d be keen to get back in the pool as well.

So, today we’ve lined it up AND Alex is coming for a swim as well.

OMG, this is going to be amazing!!!  Alex and I are both wearing just black lycra speedos (I thought about wearing my red Arena speedos but I might save them for later).  I have glanced Surfer Chick in a bikini (and in underwear and completely naked of course) but it will be good to see her in a once piece.

OK guys, gotta fly.  If anything super naughty happens, like the three of us end up in the change rooms together (like Alex and I have done about 3 times now) I will be sure to let you know.


Guys and Girls in Swimsuits

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