I have been meaning to tell you guys about  meeting Rachel.  It was 2 Fridays ago and I met ‘the couple’ down in the touristy end of town.  We had a couple of drinks and then dinner at the San Franciscian which was really nice.  From there we headed into the city as ‘the couple’ were keen to show me some of their favoruite haunts.

Things were going great and ‘the couple’ is fun to hang out with – our first meeting was only about a casual threesome hookup but I think they’ll be fun to hang out with outside of the bedroom as well.

When we were at some bar – I can’t remember any of the names of the places we went – I came off the dance floor after dancing with the ‘wife’ and the ‘husband’ was there talking to this hot brunette.  Tall, black dress, high heels, maybe a couple of years older than me but looking hot.  My first thought was that we had an addition to our planned threesome….

My thoughts were misplaced and it turns out that the hot brunette is an employee of ‘husband’.  Everyone is introduced, she loves my Aussie accent and I love her legs.  The brunette was out with friends who were visiting in town and she was on her way out when she saw her boss.  The four of us ended up partying it up for the rest of the night dancing and drinking.

At some point during the evening ‘husband’ and I had a quick chat about things.  He asked me that he expected me to maintain the upmost discretion regarding our previous threesome which I assured him was not a problem – it did kinda mean our threesome was pretty much off too which was a bummer.

It is nice to know that ‘husband’ is a classy guy and despite all the porno fantasies of shagging the secretary (she is in accounts) that isn’t how it happens in real life (most of the time anyway).

So that night we all parted ways when we left the last night club we all went our own seperate ways – not to say that I just about tore my cock off when I got home jacking off to all the sexuality that I was surrounded by that night between the ‘couple’ and I was getting good vibes from the brunette (Rachel).

Rachel said that she would love dinner the next Friday she said she’d facebook stalk me during the week – which she did and which we did the following Friday night.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....