Right arm punishment

You guys know I give my right arm/hand a punishing. I’ve tried it with my left but I screw it up when I get to the vinegar stroke – hehehehe.

Are you guys ambidextrous?

One thing I do love is giving and receiving a handjob from someone with skills – sorry girls, I haven’t found too many girls who are any good at this although if any of you out there would like to prove me wrong…. I’m more than happy to accept the challenge.

Anyway – my hand is sore because I just posted the first batch of DE Swimwear as part of my promo with SwimmerBoyz.com. It was only 35 envelopes, plus 20 odd customs forms but it would have to be the most writing I’ve done in years. Maybe since I left high school. I just don’t write much at all these days.

Thankfully Kip will be back tonight (he had some admin stuff to do in Denver today) so he can help me out.

And there are more DE Swimwear left so if you’ve ever thought of joining SwimmerBoyz.com – now you can join and get a FREE pair of my swimwear (I’ve even paying for the postage – darn I’m nice).

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....