Santa Speedo Run

Wow, it has been over a week since I posted on here.  I think this is a new record….

I think I have a reasonable excuse though, I was helping out a friends family who has a farm up north and was helping with some fire mitigation stuff.  The fires didn’t end up effecting their property but they were concerned about it and a bunch of us went up and helped out for a week.

There was very little mobile phone server and zero internet access which sucked but was nice for a change.  I don’t think I’ve been offline for that period of time in at least a decade!!!

I got back home on Christmas Eve and as you can expect, I had a little bit of work to catch up on.

What did I miss?  I saw some photos of the tradition Santa Speedo Run…. I think there was one in Boston from memory.  Does it still exist?  Did it happen this year?  Have any of you guys participated in it?

I did read over the a guy who participated in one years ago.  He is completely in the closet but just loved hanging out at the pub before and after the ‘run’ with a bunch of guys in speedos (he did mentions girls in bikinis).

Red Speedo SantaSanta Speedo RunSpeedo Santa RunBoston Santa Speedo Run

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....