Sick as a dog

Thanks for all the emails while I’ve been crook guys.

I got a staph infection, I think I got it when I was helping a friend of mine build a fence 2 weekend ago but I can’t be 100% sure.  I’m not much chop at building fences and don’t want to try again in the near future.

My last Monday evening I was really sick, not spewing but just feeling rotten.  I was tired but barely got any sleep that night and the next morning I felt rotten.  One of my friends here, his wife is a nurse so I txt’d him to ask her if she’d mind dropping into my place on her way to work.

I’m not one to rush off to the hospital or even the doctors and I thought maybe I’d eaten something rotten and I’d come right.

She took my temperature and heart rate and told me my temperature was crazy hot and I should go to the doctors.  She want me to drive so she dropped me off at the doctors on her way to work (she called and made an appointment for me in the car on the way there).

Doctor said it wasn’t something I had eaten and wanted to take a blood test.  And while he was out of the room, I fainted (first time for me).

Then I woke up in the hospital – my friends wife was my nurse too – pretty funny.  Good thing I was at the doctors when this happened and not at home – I’m not sure how long it would have been before someone got concerned for me and broke it (it was a Tuesday).

By the time I woke up they had the blood test results and were pumping me with something.  I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night in hospital and they sent me home.

I feel really tired and slept pretty much the last couple of days but otherwise each day I’m feeling 100% better – not going to go run a marathon though.

Today has been gorgeous and I felt good when I woke up so I walked along the beach into town, had a breakfast (which I couldn’t finish) and walked home.  Then I slept for 4hrs.  Being a grandpa is kinda nice, wake up early, afternoon nap and then to bed early – I can handle this lifestyle albeit I’m not terribly productive (as you guys have seen from the lack of blog posts).

Doc said it would be a couple of weeks at least before I am 100% but lying low, not drinking or partying will be a good thing.

Sorry for not posting guys but I’m back now.  And thanks again for all those emails – it was sweet to read how concerned some of you were.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....