Speedo Couples Gallery

I told you guys how yesterday I woke up with a raging hard on after dreaming about Alex and one of my neighbour chicks…. it didn’t quite happen but yesterday turned into a bit of an afternoon of drinking fun.

It did end up that Alex was the only person left and everyone had been drinking all afternoon…. cricket tends to do that to you.

The chicks next door were there and everyone was pretty flirty.  Unfortunately, nothing naughty happened but everyone was showing a bit of flesh (Alex and I shirtless and the girls were only in their bikinis at certain points).

When we finally packed things up and I joked to the girls that Alex and I were off to shag each other and I assumed the girls were too.

Funny thing is…. Kip and I did ride each other pretty hard even though I’m still a little tender from my fleshjack session.

The next couple of weeks involve a lot of cricket and more afternoons on the beach…. should be interesting to see if things develop with the neighbor chicks….. I would so love a threesome with Alex and one of them or even better a foursome with all of us.

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....