Support for Gay Marriage

I’ve seen these charts over the last couple of days on the box and I’m not sure I quite agree with them.

My view on gay marriage is, why not. I don’t want to impose on anyone or any religious organisation and force them to marry gay people but there is no reason for that to impose on a non-catholics rights.

My problem with these charts that have been branded about is that in 2008 California voted on Prop 8 and gay marriage was voted down 52 to 48 (there abouts). California has to be one of the more liberal minded states in the US and if they couldn’t even vote for it, I can’t imagine some of those more conservate states coming even close to those stats.

Do you think maybe when people are asked in public that they might say that they support gay marriage but in the privacy of a voting booth they wouldn’t? I’m sure all 4 of my grandparents are not in favour of gay marriage and probably not my parents. On the other hand, the right wing/republican friends of mine here in the US who are around my age, they support gay marriage (again, maybe just in public though).

What do you think about the figures in the charts below?

One thought on “Support for Gay Marriage

  1. Definitely my parents are against it. Sadly they’re biased based on the era they grew up in. My generation is much for it. I’m in my 20’s living in the Bay Area and I hope it passes. 🙂

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....