Amateur Model Shoot

I’ve just finished a pretty major update over on, four new movies (totaling over an hour of play time), two new photo galleries and updated the erotic stories section. is the only place you can read ALL of my speedo experiences…. well, the ones I have written about.

Once I was done with the updates, Kip and I went through the site and tested the new stuff and I was going through some of the old model galleries.

One of the first model galleries I published was of Lance.  Lance (not his real name) is a guy from Brisbane who was headed to California pursuing a career in gay porn and he asked me to arrange a photo shoot for him.  He looks young but was 21yo and I found a photographer to shoot him at his grandparents pool.  The grandparents were not home.

Back then (2001) there was no social media and Lance and I lost touch… I wonder how he went.

Here is the photo shoot…. I never heard if he and the photographer got up to any hanky panky.

A Naughty Girl

The chick in the pictures below is Lindsay Love (I think), she was a bit of an amateur cam girl when I first started enjoying her videos and she has become a bit more of a professional porn actress these days.

What first drew my attention to her was videos of her rimming her boyfriend.  It was pretty hot.

Since this young couple have gone more hardcore porn I haven’t enjoyed it as much but I really hope she fucks her boyfriend with this strap on!!!

Lindsay Love with a Strap OnStrap on chickChick with a Strap OnStrap On Lindsay Love

Go Pro Sex

I’m just about to head down to the Beery (Terrigal Beer Garden but you know how us Aussie’s love to shorten things).  Alex is going to be out and will probably end up back at my place, but also, the neighbour chicks are coming out too so you just never know.

18yo Tom isn’t up here this weekend but said that he is hoping to get up here next weekend which would be pretty cool.  I’ll post a little more about what we got up to on here later this week.

Here is a movie that I wanted to share with you guys.  This is the latest addition to the Members area and for those of you who are members, you can watch the entire 7 and a half minutes (if you can last that long).  The movie is some amateur action from two junior lifeguards who are fooling around.  The guys start off sucking cock and then they end up fucking and you get to watch it all from the point of view of the guy standing up   It is pretty hot!!!

Joining is only $5 and just for this movie alone I think it is worth it – if you are interested click here to join.

OK guys, wish me luck tonight and I’ll tell you how the night goes tomorrow.

Lifeguard Getting a BlowjobGay Lifeguard Sucking CockLifeguard HandjobGay Lifeguards

Sunday BBQ

My lunch with the preschool teacher earlier this week went well and as per my plans I am hosting a BBQ on Sunday arvo and she is coming.

Sounds like Alex’s girlfriend, who knows the preschool teacher, is more excited about this girl and I getting together than either of us are.  I just think it is sooooo funny that Alex and I have been fucking for nearly 6 months now and his girlfriend is putting in a good word for me with chicks.

Sunday’s temperature is supposed to break 40C (105F) so hanging out at my place on the beach will be a perfect way to spend the day.

A little more about the preschool teacher, she is pretty small (not tiny) but little.  But, she is 18 months older than I am.  She is born and bred on the coast here and she does ski and had a winter in lake Tahoe as a kids ski instructor.  She is ticking a lot of boxes here.

Any bets on what type of swimsuit she’ll be wearing on Sunday?

Amateur BikiniBikini GirlAmateur G-String Bikini