Jock Straps

I posted about G-strings a few days ago so here is a jockstrap post.

I don’t quite understand the whole jockstrap thing. I have brought this up in blog posts in the past but I just still don’t understand it. Growing up in Australia I never saw a jockstrap but I always wore briefs or speedos.

It is interesting that it seems to be an American thing and at the same time Americans are so anti-speedo (generally speaking, all those American readers of mine are lovely open minded and sexually unrepressed).

The same thing is with the change rooms here, in an Aussie or even a New Zealand pool guys aren’t as naked as they seem to be here. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Some pics of a hot Dietz jockstrap. I found a cache of hot photos from Dietz which I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few weeks. I foresee see any complains.

Dietz UnderwearDietz Male Jockstrap

July 4th Virgin

I’ve had a white Xmas before in America and I’ve been here for one Thanks Giving but I’ve never been here for July 4th.

The city is buzzing with patriotism – despite Fox News thinking that every person in San Francisco is a troops hating, pot smoking, anti-American homosexual (I actually watch a little bit of Fox but I thought you guys would like that).

Tonight I’m having a roof top BBQ, the weather is nice enough and it isn’t too windy so should be great.

If you have any pics of guys wearing speedos sporting the Stars and Stripes drop over to and post your pics.

Good luck to Mr. Phelps in the up coming Olympics – stay off the wacky tabacky mate.