Lost Speedos

One of the guys over on the SpeedoForum.org wrote a post asking what is a pair of speedos that you loved but have lost?

I didn’t have to think very hard about it at all, the pair of speedos I miss would be a pair of classic red, lycra, Andrew Christian speedos with a cross on the front of them.  It has to be 7 years or more since I got these and they haven’t made them in ages.  The fit is just perfect on them and the lycra feels like it is really well made.

If anyone from Andrew Christian reads this blog, please reach out if you could have some made up for me.

I have a bunch of stuff in storage in New Zealand and I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be in that stuff… unfortunately, it is an old friend of mine storing the stuff who doesn’t know about my sexuality and I don’t think it would be appropriate to ask him to go through my stuff looking for a red speedo – hehehe.

Here is a bunch of photos of those speedos (and a few more for members)

Red Andrew Christian SpeedoSpeedo Model for Andrew ChristianFit Andrew Christian Swimwear Model

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I like these speedos

OK, I’m looking for the speedos pictured in these two movies below (yes, if you are a member, you can watch both of these movies featuring these guys wearing these speedos).

I believe they are an Andrew Christian Edge but they aren’t available on their site anymore.  Does anyone own these or know anything about them?

And of course, if you would like me to stop temping/teasing you – click here to join SwimmerBoyz.com right now, $4.95 will come off your credit card and then you can watch these movies immediately.  Really quite simple.

Sex in SpeedosSucking Speedo Cock

Speedo Companies

Over the years I’ve spoken with many different speedo manufacturers and I’m surprised at how many of them aren’t willing to embrace the porn side of their products.

Way way way back I asked AussieBum and at the time they didn’t want anything to do with porn as at the time they were working with the Australian Surf Life Saving Clubs which I understand but I’m pretty sure in the long run they’ve sold a lot more speedos to gay guys than surf life savers.

More recently there have been a couple of guys that I’ve been working with and they are not interested in the ‘gay’ market for speedos preferring, I think, to advance the cause of str8 guys wearing speedos.  I completely support their goals and would love to see more str8 guys wearing speedos but at the same time, I would love to see their products being worn in my photo shoots.

If I ever manage to get the DE Swimwear (Dave Evans Swimwear) line going, I will be completely embracing the gay community, gay porn and the ‘naughty side’ of wearing speedos.

How I got onto this topic, I just added a new movie and it features guys wearing Andrew Christian speedos which I like and I believe he has been more accommodating to the gay porn world in allowing actors and models to wear his product.  This is a really hot movie, the guy in the blue Andrew Christian speedos you can see is just super horny at the start of this video and his cock is straining to be released… which it is.

Blog members can watch this movie right now – click here to join if you aren’t a blog member.

Tomorrow I’ll post a bunch of pics of str8 guys wearing speedos – we all love that!!!

Speedo Give Away

I can’t believe how crazy busy this week has been.

I’ve been working with Kip on a project that he has been working on for a while and it has been a 60 or 70 hour week at least.  Kip’s project is pretty cool, I think you guys will like it and we might get it published later today.  Once it is online I’ll let you guys know all about it.

One thing I have been meaning to tell you guys, I have another speedo give away this month.  It is a pair of swimwear from Mensuas (check out their site www.Mensuas.com – you will have to copy/paste that address).

The story behind these guys is they emailed me asking if I’d mention their swimwear company on this blog.  They offered me some free speedos.  But, I thought it would be much better if I offered the speedos to you guys, my fans and members.  So that is what we do now, each month they give away at least one pair of speedos/swimwear to a member.  You guys know I love you right?  Hahaha.

This month, the lucky winner can choose from any of the following brands on their store.  Yes choose anything from any of these brands:

  • Cover Male
  • Good Devil
  • Intymen
  • Miami Jock
  • Agacio
  • Otzi
  • Daniel Alexander
  • Edipous
  • Mensuas
  • Skiviez
  • Kyle

OK, well I better get back to some testing for Kip’s project.  I might post again later today, I’ll probably decide the winner of the free speedos later today as well so if you’ve been thinking about joining, today might be the day.

I’ll leave you guys with some speedo eye candy….  Check it out, these four photos are each taken from different angles but they all look super hot!!!

Waterpolo SwimmerBlue Andrew Christian Swim BriefSix Pack ViewPool Speedo

…and now that I’ve just got an eye full of speedo eye candy I might have to see if Alex is around later today 😉 😉