New Speedo Gallery

One of my new years resolutions is to add more and more content (pics, movies and stories) to my flagship site –

Kip and I have been discussing it a lot (often on a chairlift) about what improvements we can make and a fresh of the photos section is something that I have been working on.

The first part of the rollout of the new system is now online and I thought I’d share with you guys a screen shot of it.I thought I should make the first photo gallery the 29 pics that I have from this model shoot.

The gallery is only available to members but it should give you guys a feel for what is inside.

It is only $2.95 to join and that support helps keep this blog free.

Speedo Photo Gallery

Who is this speedo guy?

Nothing much has been happening here over the last few days except a bunch of work.

Seems like you guys like the new header that I have – I found another pic of the guy and I was wondering if anyone know anything more about these pics.

  • Who is the guy in the Aqux speedo?
  • Where was the photos taken?
  • Who took the photos?

If anyone knows please shoot me an email.

Hottest Speedo Pics
Speedo Shower

Aqux Speedos

I’ve always loved the asian style speedos – super small, low on the hips. Kinda like a divers speedo.

Today I saw that Aqux have a new line out and I really, really like this black and blue speedo. Anyone I’ve spoken to about Aqux swimwear tells me that they are tiny!!! The largest size they give is 31″-34″ – I wear a 34″ as a comfortable lap swimming speedo but there would be ‘muffins’ hanging over the waist line if I wore a pair that were just 31″.

Since I have never owned a pair though I am tempted – they are expensive though. $90 from the site and $120 from – with postage to Australia that us US$140. That would be my most expensive speedo ever that is for sure.

I’m not quite convinced enough to pull out the credit card yet but I’ll keep you guys posted.