White Speedos

Today I’m wearing white speedos, so I thought I’d post some pics of these white Arena speedos that look like that fit just perfectly!!!

I’ve owned a few pairs of Arena speedos, red, black and navy.  They were a great fit and I pretty much wore them all out surfing and swimming.  I’ve never had a white pair though.

I have been meaning to share a little more about the ‘Married Guy’ with you guys and I’ll having something for you guys tomorrow so stay tuned.  Kinda cold here so I’m off to the pool (heated pool) for some laps, I will have to change out of my white AussieBum Coolabah’s…. what should I wear instead?

White Arena Lycra Speedo

Alex’s Black Speedos

Alex spent last night here and he gave my arse a good pounding.  I think he is still a little bit sore from last week when the two English guys and I abused his arsehole.

It is amazing that it was just over 12 months ago that Alex had never been with a guy at all and now he is taking three dicks in the arse, hahaha.

Both of us were wearing black speedos, he was wearing AussieBums, I was wearing Arena and I thought these two photos were appropriate.

Black Tyr SwimwearTyr Speedo

Strip Scrabble

Last night the Surfer Chick came over and I cooked up a roast lamb for dinner.  Went down well and we played Scrabble after dinner.  I haven’t played Scrabble in years, maybe decades.

This morning we were going to go for a surf but might have had a little too much wine post dinner and a morning sleep in and shag sounded much more fun – hehehe.

When Surfer Chick left I was cleaning up the house and saw the Scrabble board from last night.  I thought I’d add my two current favourite speedos there to show you guys that it was me.  Surfer Chick hasn’t seen either of these yet but I might wear the red Arena’s to the pool next week when we go for a swim.

I was looking it up and there is a way to play Strip Scrabble – not sure it will really work with 2 people but sounds like fun with 4 people.

Strip Scrabble

Kip’s Tiny White Speedos

Hey guys, I’m blogging from Colorado after a day snowboarding in the beautiful sunshine followed by a post snowboard hottub session.

My trip went fine and I didn’t get searched with my red speedos on.  When I arrived at Kip’s place it was just on sunset and I pretty much dumped my bags, stripped down to my red speedos, poured a drink and got into the hottub.  Kip’s greeting was pretty nice too as he was wearing a tiny pair of Arena speedos that I left behind for him last time I was in town.

I think I’ll have to get some photos of them for you guys.

OK, I’ve got some work stuff to catch up on and we are off to Beaver Creek tomorrow.  Kip has some speedo/sex fun lined up for later this week but he is keeping quiet on the details.  Should be interesting….

Tiny White SpeedoTiny White Speedos