See Through Swimsuit

I have some white speedos that are see through when wet.  The most notable being my AussieBum Coolabah’s which I did get the courage to wear to the pool lap swimming once…. they are super see through.

AussieBumCoolabah Close UpWhite AussieBumAussieBum Speedos

I hadn’t really thought about chicks wearing see through swimsuits though until I stumbled across this hot Asian chick wearing a white one piece.

Now all we have to do is combine the two…. white see through speedos and white see through once piece…..

White SwimsuitSwim One Piece SwimsuitSee Through SwimsuitWet Lycra Swimsuit

Asian chick in one piece swimsuit

As you guys know I don’t have my asian wings – with an asian girl or an asian guy.

I have no idea why this is – I think they are darn hot!!!!

It has just been a case of not having the opportunity.

One thing I do love is Japanese style swimsuits.  On guys they are super tiny – I’ve bought some and they are far too tiny for me to wear in public.  And on the girls – the one piece swimsuit looks amazing.

Feast your eyes on this hot asian chick.