See Through Swimsuit

I have some white speedos that are see through when wet.  The most notable being my AussieBum Coolabah’s which I did get the courage to wear to the pool lap swimming once…. they are super see through.

AussieBumCoolabah Close UpWhite AussieBumAussieBum Speedos

I hadn’t really thought about chicks wearing see through swimsuits though until I stumbled across this hot Asian chick wearing a white one piece.

Now all we have to do is combine the two…. white see through speedos and white see through once piece…..

White SwimsuitSwim One Piece SwimsuitSee Through SwimsuitWet Lycra Swimsuit

Asian Chicks Wrestling in Swimsuits

I love wrestling in my speedos and it is something that happens quite often in my bedroom, but I have never had the chance to watch two chicks wrestling in their lycra swimwear.

These two Asian chicks look awesome in their ASICS one piece swimwear…. I’d love to be there to watch them get all exhausted and then join in.

Japanese Speedos

Has anyone ever owned a pair of Mizuno speedos?  These look really hot – if anyone knows where to find them, email me ( – yes I’m still working on the comments but should be done very soon) and if you find these, I will give away a months membership to

These look like the old speedo Aquablades which I only ever had one pair of.  I liked the Aquablade material but the cut was too wide on the hips for my taste.  And they were darn expensive.

Mizuno SpeedoJapanese Mizuno SpeedoLycra Asian Mizuno Speedos

Asian Gay Porn

It is the first of the month and Kip and I have a stack of movies to upload to my site this month.  And we’ve started early with 2 new movies added this morning.

One of the movies is a classic 3 muscle guys in a hottub and one guy looks fantastic in his blue speedos.

Blue Speedo Sex Movie

The second movie is a little different from the norm.  It is an asian speedo movie.  The guy in it is wearing a gorgeous red speedo and he is fucked really hard by a guy wearing a black speedo.  Thing is with asian porn is they try to blur out the cock – WTF?  This movie is super hardcore and isn’t leaving much to the imagination so I’m not sure why they would do that.

It is still really hot and I came in my red Arena speedos when I first watched it.

I’ve uploaded a 3 minute sample from this movie on the homepage of if you’d like to check it out.  Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

AND – if you want to watch 80 something hours of speedo porn (not in 3 minute clips), it is only $4.95 to join and you will be helping to keep this site online.

Asian Speedo PornSpeedo PornGay Asian PornGay Asian Speedo Movie