Aussie Barbie

Today (actually it was two weeks ago and I wrote about it but forgot to hit PUBLISH), I caught up with Alex and his boyfriend (for those new here, Alex was a str8 guy that I converted over a couple of year period)…..  Alex met his boyfriend at a triathlon training camp so you can imagine that they both look absolutely fantastic in speedos!!!

It was a classic Aussie Sunday and Kip and his boyfriend came over for a BBQ.  I haven’t seen them since I got back from Colorado and Alex said that they have been enjoying my experiences with the Married Guy.  The rest of the crew were in Manly (down near Sydney) for a wedding which Alex and I weren’t invited to so it was just the three of us in the backyard, overlooking the beach, drinking and cooking some snags on the barbie.

Alex and I don’t wear speedos when we are just ‘hanging’ with people at the beach but Alex’s boyfriend has no qualms about speedoing it up in front of anyone.

I knew my neighbors (two chicks which I have a lot of sexual tension with but nothing has ever happened) were going to be around so Alex and I were just wearing boardies.  The girls joined us later in the afternoon which was fun.

Alex and I were shirtless in boardies, Alex’s boyfriend was in a classic black speedo and the girls were in bikinis.

The girls have seen me at times wearing a speedo and at one point they started teasing Alex and I about not speedo’ing it up.  We both sacked up, took off our boardies and spent the rest of the afternoon just in our speedos…..

It is good to have speedo friends.

There is more to this post but I’m going to keep it for members.

Aussie Speedo BarbieAussie Speedo GuysTwo Aussie Guys in Speedos

Friday BBQ

Tonight I’m having a BBQ here at the house, the neighbor chicks are coming, Alex is coming as well as the rest of my Terrigal crew.  Just a casual BBQ and watching the Bulldogs/Eels (2 Sydney NRL – National Rugby League – teams play).

St. Paddy’s day was yesterday and I was well behaved but I might not be tonight – hehehe.

I think Alex is planning to stay but some of the other guys probably will too so I’m guessing we won’t have a chance for a quickie and it should be interesting with Buffy (neighbour chick) hanging out as well.

Now in a perfect world……

Speedo MFM Threesome Poolside

My neighbor chick

OK so my neighbor chick, I’m going to call her Buffy (I once had another chick neighbor called Buffy – she was hot but a real bitch).

So since I got home from Colorado Buffy has been all over me and super friendly.  She has been a great neighbor and occasionally she’ll join in my BBQ’s or we’ll run into each other out on the town.  Buffy has seen me in speedo a bunch so I’m guessing that she knows I love wearing them and I’m sure she must have seen Alex coming and going so I wonder if she has any inkling about that.

I’ve never really dated a girl that I was 100% open with and I’m wondering if I should maybe try that with Buffy.  There is a surprising number of str8/married guys who read my blogs so if you guys have anything to share I’d love to hear it.

I was planning on having a BBQ last Friday but I couldn’t organize it with people out of town but I will this Friday for sure.

Swimming Couple

Bikini Butts

I post a bunch of photos of guys butts in speedos so today I thought I’d post some pics of girls butts in bikinis.

My Sunday BBQ went great, lots of skin since it was so hot. The preschool teacher was lovely and looked fantastic in a black Roxy bikini.  I think she likes me.  Some of the boys were the last to leave late in the night and the preschool teacher left earlier.

Now I have to figure out what to do next.  Send flowers to her school?  Ask her out to the movies?  Cook her dinner one night?

I’ll have a think about it and let you guys know.

If you want some guys butts in speedos – click here.

Bikini ButtsGirls Bikini ButtsGirls Butts in Bikinis