Real Men Wear Speedos

OMG, I have told you guys before that real men wear speedos…. here is Australian Rugby player Quade Cooper hanging out with Australian Miss Universe Laura Dundovic wearing a perfectly fitting red speedo.

Quade Cooper has a reputation for being a bit of a dick in Australia but he is a Queenslander (the State I grew up in), he is happy wearing red speedos in public and his taste in women is fantastic.  I think Quade Cooper is a bloody legend!!!

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Rugby Player in Red Speedos

Wicked Weasel Twins

When I first saw this photo I just about blew my load…..  twins wearing see through Wicked Weasel bikinis?

You guys know that I am yet to have a two girl threesome (FMF/MFF) and twins and wearing Wicked Weasels is probably too much for my brain to handle.

Unfortunately, this photo is photoshopped and is just the one girl.

One can dream though……

Wicked Weasel Twins

Flouro Green

The guys at sent me over a pair of flouro speedos (flouro doesn’t look like the way it should be spelled but I looked it up and I think that is it).

Flouro is pretty bright and I haven’t worn them to the pool yet, I love the fit and the lycra material though.  I have worn red speedos and even some white AussieBums (which are super see through when wet) to the pool so I should man up shouldn’t I.

What I would love to do is to wear my flouro speedos to the beach, run into this chick in her flouro Wicked Weasel and both fuck…. that is something that would make for great porn – hahaha.

Green BikiniFlouro Green BikiniGreen Wicked Weasel BikiniBright Green Wicked WeaselWicked Weasel Bikini Model


Green Corka SpeedoGreen Speedos