Girl Getting Tied up in Bikinis

After posting the story of me getting tied up for Alex, and him making me cum in my speedos and then him cumming all over me I decided to write an alternate ending to that experience (click here to read the original which actually happened).  The alternate ending will involve my neighbour Emily…..

Emily and I have done everything but fuck and become boyfriend/girlfriend but for some reason the planets just haven’t arrived.  She’d had a looser boyfriend, I’ve been travelling or whatever came up.

I’ll be posting a piece of fiction based on what I would have loved even more to happen.

During my research for this fictional story I wanted some pics of bikini bondage and well this definitely got me hard…….

Pink Thongs

Last week for Thong Thursday I posted a pic of a guy wearing a pink thong.  I mentioned at the time that I have personally never owned a pink thong, or speedo, or underwear…. I just don’t know if I could pull it off.

Maybe I will have to try it one day.

I promised that this week I’d post pics of chicks in pink thongs and here you go.  My personal favourite is this first blonde chick….. OMG she is cutie!!!

Pink Thong


Miss America is Anti-Swimsuit

This morning it was announced that the Miss America pageant will no longer have a swimsuit competition…..


First it was Formula One not having girls on the starting grid and now this?  I can’t believe how darn politically correct we have become….

Enjoy these beautiful women in their swimsuits…. enjoy it while it lasts.